Understanding Transgender Men

A transgender man is a person who was assigned a female gender at birth but identifies as male. Unlike a transgender man, a transgender man is any person who was born female but later decides to identify as male, with or without surgery. A transgender man is not the same as a transsexual man.

Hormone therapy and/or surgery are two options for transgender men who wish to physically change to the gender of their choice. This may involve breast surgery (often called top surgery) and genital plastic surgery (also known as bottom surgery).

Not all transgender men undergo surgical transformation, but their gender identity remains real regardless of their physical alterations.

Transgender men often face special difficulties in society, such as prejudice and lack of understanding of their situation. One example is the well-known American actress Allen Page. Most people remember her from a number of movies, including Full Frontal, where she was mostly a smart, intelligent girl. 2021 she officially became a transgender male under the name Elliot (it's not polite to call him by his former female name after becoming a transgender male). There are a lot of people who talk about her, the new crown pneumonia to close the city at home to idle nothing, so decided to change sex. But no matter what people think, it's her choice, and no one is that bored to go through a physical transformation for fun and put up with the ridicule of others.


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