Semi-sexuality: Understanding a unique sexual orientation

Hemi-sexuality is a sexual orientation that has gained more recognition and understanding in recent years. It refers to people who are sexually attracted to someone only after they have formed an emotional connection with them. This means that a semi-sexual person may not be sexually attracted to someone simply because of their appearance, but that emotions are needed before they can experience sexual desire.

Semi-sexualityWhat does it mean?

Semi-sexual people do not experience raw sexual attraction, that is, sexual attraction based on appearance, and semi-sexual people will feel each other's sexual attraction only after they have established a relationship.

Understanding hemizygosity

Semi-sexualityAsexuals fall into the category of asexuals, which refers to people who have no sexual attraction at all or experience sexual attraction only in certain situations. However, the difference between semi-sexual people and asexual people is that once an emotional connection is formed, semi-sexual people can still experience sexual desire.

It is important to note that being semi-sexual is not the same as being celibate or waiting until marriage to have sex. Rather, it is a unique sexual orientation that requires an emotional connection before sexual attraction can be experienced.

Signs of semi-sexuality

If you're wondering if you might be semi-sexual, here are some signs to look for

  • You will not be sexually attracted to someone simply because of their appearance.
  • You only experience sexual attraction when you form an emotional bond with someone.
  • You find it difficult or impossible to engage in casual sex.
  • You prefer a long-term relationship where you can establish an emotional connection before engaging in sexual activity.


Hemi-sexuality is a unique and meaningful sexual orientation that requires emotion before sexual attraction can be experienced. Although it may not be as widely known as other orientations, it is important for society to recognize and understand the diversity of human sexuality.



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