About the march, I would like to say...】Merry Cheng: The Blessing of the Rainbow

Miri Cheng (Cultural Worker, Lecturer of Community University) 24 September 2012

Have you ever knelt at the foot of A-Ma's sedan chair? Unfortunately, I've never experienced it, but I did feel a wonderful blessing when the rainbow flag passed over us that year.

It is said that this year's Gay Pride Parade will be the 10th. As an ardent supporter, I can't count the number of times I've participated in the march, but I remember that every year I try my best to attend, and even if I can't attend because of work, I still think about it and wish for it in my heart. What I remember most is that in 2005 and 2006, when I was working as a publisher in a women's bookstore, I organized a growth group called "Crocodile Squad" to read books, work as a group, and organize activities related to Lazi for the women's bookstore. At that time, "Crocodile Squad" had a very good motivation. Before participating in the parade, the group discussed and came up with the idea of making their own chic crocodile gloves, and the little crocodiles wore the cute gloves to participate in the parade, distributed flyers, and attracted some attention, so it could be said that it embellished the team of the rainbow parade, and the members of the team were very excited and had a sense of accomplishment.

Longer ago, in the mid-1990s, when you were working as an underground publication, you remember that the person you used to spend a lot of time with said that the gay movement was like a relay race, and that you had to pass the baton from baton to baton; and he also said that he wished to be a man of love and justice. Later on, you didn't come together, but you still passed on the beliefs you once shared on the track. That's good.

Throughout the years of marching, you remember: sunshine, sweat, so many flags, slogans, colors, laughter, hugs, reunions, and tears of mixed feelings ......; you see more and more: strength, differences, support, different groups, generations, identities, and colorful demands.

Now is auntie, uncle level of us, young if you hear people say that only concerned about gender is too narrow, you except the knot, will not take it for granted to debate; and then, gradually, you have grown into a "gender is only part of the identity" of a middle-aged people. Oh, it's all good.

Because there is no special task, joining the parade is just like getting together with old friends, there is no need to make an appointment in advance, and you can meet them and have a cup of coffee to catch up after the parade. Then, with the ups and downs, it seems that my old friends and I got separated. On the day of last year's march (2011), I went out with my camera, calmly being a villager, and happily supporting and appreciating the Women's Institute's team. I asked what had changed in the past ten years. I said, I used to think that the route of the march was too short and I couldn't enjoy it, but now I worry that my feet will get sore and I can just join in halfway.

What year does it start? Whenever the "Waterboys" appeared, their bright "youthful flesh" would win a full house. This year, the 10th year of the parade, I am happy to see some wrinkles, gray hairs, and peaceful faces in the crowded streets.

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