Comrade Traviv Procession

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Israel inherited British colonial laws that criminalized homosexuality, and the Israeli Interior Minister in 1960 said that "gay Jews" was an illogical narrative because biblical Jews did not allow homosexual behavior. This social climate improved in 1988, when homosexuality was decriminalized. The city of Tel Aviv held its gay parade around the same time, and Tel Aviv's more German Jewish (Ashkenazi) population, which was much more secular than the Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, contributed to Tel Aviv's liberal, tolerant, and permissive image of the city, into which the gay community was gradually integrated. From a semi-legal presence on the fringes of the city in the early 1980s, the community of gay and lesbian organizations became overtly public in the late 1990s, perhaps not on the same scale as gay-focused world cities such as New York, Paris, and San Francisco, but at the time it was a small paradise for gay people to live and play in. (Note: Conflict between Ashkenazi Jews and other Jews has intensified in recent years, and Ashkenazi Jews are often perceived as wealthy white leftists and are attacked by rightist parties. Reference.A Popular New Curse Word in Israel: 'Ashkenazi')
Since 2000, the number of participants in the Tel Aviv LGBT march has been growing, and the march has gradually become a tourist attraction (which has also caused discontent among local LGBT social movements), attracting many tourists to participate.

City Profile

There is no centralized gay area in Tel Aviv, but there are many gay activities in the beach area of the Hilton Hotel, and basically there are many bars or entertainment venues for gay people along the beach.


The procession takes place during the second week of June, and there are many activities and parties throughout the week. The route of the procession is usually via a beach trail, walking along the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

Outside of the parade, Forever Tel Aviv, a local first-tier party, often even goes to Europe to hold parties, and one event that cannot be missed is the parade's water park party, which is packed from morning to night and attended by many people.