You Won’t Believe How This Hilarious Sex Comedy Titled ‘Love Contains Light’ Skyrocketed to #1 on Netflix Taiwan! Fans Are Obsessed!

Netflix’s “Love Has Light” Captivates Audiences with Its Avant-Garde Chinese Comedy

Netflix’s “Love Has Light”: A Beacon of Modern Romance and Relatable Drama

Netflix has once again proven its knack for delivering content that resonates with audiences worldwide, this time with the Chinese light comedy “Love Has Light”. This show has quickly climbed the ranks to become a favorite, topping the Netflix charts in Taiwan and Hong Kong within just 48 hours of its release. Its charm hasn’t stopped there; it’s also made its mark in the top ten rankings across four major Southeast Asian regions: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

![Netflix’s “Light in Love” shot to No. 1 on Taiwan’s charts within 48 hours of its release. Picture/Netflix](

“Love Has Light” is not your typical romantic comedy. It delves into various issues, making it not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. The show features a stellar cast, including the fresh faces of Lin Zhexi and Wu Jianhe, whose on-screen chemistry as a “Comrade CP” has been particularly praised for its cuteness and relatability. Their portrayal of a genius gentleman and a Taiwanese 8+9 (a term used in Taiwan to describe someone who is rebellious or a troublemaker) coming together has been a highlight, showcasing their powerful acting skills.

The series also stars the up-and-coming actress Zhan Zixuan, who has been lauded for her natural acting and infectious smile. Her character’s quirky and lively personality, along with her complex relationship dynamics with Ke Zhendong’s character, has sparked much discussion among viewers. Their storyline of being close friends who insist on “making love but not falling in love” has struck a chord with many.

![It even topped the Hong Kong charts. Picture/Netflix](

“Love Has Light” goes beyond the surface of romantic relationships, touching on deeper emotional and societal issues. The show’s handling of sensitive topics, such as sex and relationships within different stages of life, has been both bold and refreshing. It breaks the silence on topics often considered taboo in Taiwanese culture, bringing them to the forefront in a light-hearted yet meaningful way.

The series has been praised for its avant-garde approach, blending humor with heartfelt moments that many find relatable. Scenes filled with emotion and passion have moved viewers to tears, while the show’s exploration of love, in its many forms, has warmed hearts. The portrayal of characters dealing with their personal struggles and vulnerabilities has added depth to the narrative, making “Love Has Light” more than just a comedy.

Directed by Huang Jieyu, who won the best female director at the American Independent Producers Film Festival, “Love Has Light” is a joint production by Maji Tijia Film Co., Ltd. and Lucky Spark Creative Co., Ltd. The cast includes not only Zhan Zixuan, Ke Zhendong, Lin Zhexi, and Wu Jianhe but also Xia Yuqiao, Ma Zhixiang, Miao Keli, and Honduras, among others. Together, they bring to life a story that challenges the traditional silence around sex and love in Taiwanese families, offering viewers a fresh and enlightening perspective on modern relationships.

![The new actor Zhan Zixuan’s acting skills in “Love Contains Light” were naturally praised by netizens. Picture/Netflix](

As Valentine’s Day approached, “Love Has Light” was dubbed the perfect “aphrodisiac drama” for couples to watch together, sparking interest and conversation about love and relationships. The actors shared their own Valentine’s Day experiences and recommendations, further connecting with the audience on a personal level.

In conclusion, “Love Has Light” is a testament to Netflix’s ability to curate content that not only entertains but also educates and inspires. Its success across Asia is a clear indication of its universal appeal, making it a must-watch for anyone looking for a modern take on love and relationships. Whether you’re in for the comedy, the drama, or the heartfelt moments, “Love Has Light” shines brightly as a beacon of contemporary storytelling.

![The popularity of Netflix’s “Light in Love” continues to rise. Netizens said they could watch the entire episode in one day. Picture/Netflix](

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