Why am I attracted to gay men?

Congratulations, because you are a sexy man, especially when many gay men generally like a good body, then nine times out of ten you should have a good body. It's perfectly normal to attract sexual attention from anyone, and maybe you're not interested in the person at all, but as long as you politely decline, smiling and walking away is the best strategy when the person doesn't constitute sexual harassment, or enjoying the attention when you want to make friends with them again. In some cases, the attention you get from other men may make you wonder if he is a homosexual, as discussed below.

How do I know if he is a homosexual?

It is important to understand that gender identity is fluid and varies from person to person; there is no sure way to tell if someone is secretly gay, and there is a one in a million chance that a straight man will fall in love with you. However, you can look for signs, such as body language or verbal clues, such as a so-called "gay voice," that may reveal that they are attracted to the same sex. (Every male has the same look when he sees someone sexually attractive, stares, and then looks away after being noticed, so maybe you can spot such a look). Also, if you know the person well enough, you may be able to notice if they have unclassified homosexual behavior or interests. However, it is always important to remain respectful and let the individual decide if they want to come out publicly.

Why do homosexuals have different voices?

There are several theories as to why the voices of some homosexuals are different from those of other men. One theory is that a homosexual's masculine voice attracts more attention from potential partners, so homosexuals may subconsciously choose to adopt a deeper, more masculine voice to attract others, so homosexual men have a lower, more subdued voice. Another theory is that hormones play a role in a person's voice; because homosexuals usually produce less testosterone than heterosexuals, homosexuals tend to have higher-pitched voices. However, both of these theories are theories, and there is no conclusive evidence that either theory is completely accurate.

Do gay men have less testosterone?

A study found that the overall mean testosterone levels of homosexual men were somewhat lower than those of heterosexual controls, but there was considerable overlap in the range of values between the two groups [1], so there was no comparison between them. However, among homosexuals, some individuals with heterosexual experience had higher testosterone levels than those without heterosexual experience [1]. Another study found very significant differences in plasma estrogen, dihydrotestosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and free testosterone percentage levels in age-matched control groups of people whose primary sexual orientation was homosexual [2]. The median and two sets of significant levels in the homosexual group (control group) were as follows: estrogen 3.07 (2.43) ng/100 ml, p < 0.01; dihydrotestosterone 66.0 (49.2) ng/100 ml, p < 0.01; free percentage testosterone 10.7% (9.7%), p < 0.02; LH 35.1 (24.9 ) ng/mL, p < 0.001 [2].
It is important to note that these studies have limitations and do not provide conclusive evidence that gay men have less testosterone than heterosexuals [1] [2]. Other factors, such as genetic and environmental influences may also play a role in hormone levels [4]. In addition, it is important to note that hormone levels do not necessarily indicate sexual orientation or gender identity [4].


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