Understanding bisexuality: What is bisexual sexual identity?

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that refers to an attraction to both men and women. While some people may be attracted to only one gender, others may experience attraction to multiple genders. But what makes people bi-sexual? Is it a choice or is it something that is innately determined?

Science of sexual orientation

Scientists have been studying sexual orientation for decades, and while there is still much we don't know, research shows that biology plays an important role. Most experts agree that sexual orientation is not something people choose, but something they are born with.

Research has found that genetics, hormones and brain structure can all influence sexual orientation. For example, studies have shown that gay men tend to have different brain structures than straight men, suggesting that sexual orientation may be a manifestation of hardware structures in the brain.

The Complexity of Bisexuality

While we know that biology plays a role in sexual orientation, bisexuality is more complicated than simply being attracted to men and women. Bisexuals may experience different kinds of attraction depending on the gender of the person they are dating.

Some bisexuals may also experience discrimination from both the heterosexual and homosexual communities. For them, coming out can be a challenge because their sexuality is often misunderstood or disapproved of as just a transitional phase of being gay.

In conclusion, although we don't fully understand what makes people bisexual, research suggests that biology plays an important role in determining sexual orientation. However, bisexuality is much more complex than simply being described as "attracted to multiple genders" and can be influenced by social factors such as discrimination and stigma.

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