Nemo becomes the first non-binary Swiss singer to win the Eurovision Song Contest

瑞士的 Nemo 成為歐洲歌唱大賽史上首位非二元冠軍

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, Sweden, Switzerland's Nemo made history by becoming the first non-binary singer to win the contest. This victory not only recognizes Nemo's individual talent, but is also a major affirmation of gender diversity and inclusion.

尼莫的表演曲目《The Code》在決賽中獲得了最多票數,憑藉其獨特的聲音和舞台魅力,以及那身裝飾著粉紅色羽毛的服裝,成功地征服了全歐洲的觀眾。這首歌的旋律朗朗上口,尼莫在舞台上的自信表現讓觀眾無法忘懷,他們的歌詞“這個故事是我的真相”引起了共鳴,觀眾紛紛跟唱“哇-哦-哦-哦!”

然而,這屆歐洲歌唱大賽並非沒有爭議。自從比賽組織者歐洲廣播聯盟拒絕將以色列排除在今年的比賽之後,比賽就一直處於爭議之中。此外,另一位非二元性別參賽者,來自愛爾蘭的Bambie Thug,因試圖將親巴勒斯坦的訊息納入他們的演出而遭到拒絕。


Despite the controversy surrounding the competition, Nemo's victory and the images of them happily waving non-binary flags in the 'green room' demonstrated the Eurovision Song Contest's gradual move towards gender diversity and inclusivity, and the EBU appeared to embrace the singer's 'political' behavior with a rhyming Instagram tribute. "political" behavior.

Nemo's trophy broke shortly after he handed it over to them, but the singer used it as an analogy, saying that "trophies can be repaired - maybe the Eurovision Song Contest needs to be repaired from time to time." The comment drew cheers from the audience, and perhaps that's exactly what the Eurovision Song Contest needs - a chance to unite through music, and to make everyone, regardless of gender identity, feel accepted and respected.

Nemo's victory is an important milestone, not only for them personally, but for all those who fight for gender equality and diversity. Through their music and storytelling, we are reminded that art and music transcend boundaries and that they have the power to connect us all, no matter our differences.


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