Why are some gay men so fond of straight men?

Why do some homosexuals pursue heterosexuals so tenaciously? The author has to be honest, straight men do have an attraction to me, but only in my fantasies. There is a theory called "exotic to erotic", which means that something exotic or something you don't understand has sexual attraction for you. Other theories explain this tendency from a taboo, acceptance-seeking perspective, but my personal experience is that it's always been a mystery, and I have trouble analyzing myself even with theories. And not all homosexuals experience this, but some people are attracted to heterosexual men. Why is this so?

The notion that "conversion (bending)" straight men may attract some gay men is one way of putting it. It may be the result of cultural pressures and prejudices that suggest that romantic relationships with straight men are the height of beauty and desirability. Keep in mind that this idea is unhealthy and promotes misconceptions about sex.

Another explanation is that some homosexuals simply find certain characteristics or behaviors of straight men attractive, such as their masculinity or confidence. However, attraction is complex and diverse, and there is no universal explanation for why someone might find another person attractive.

Equally important, it can be insulting and inappropriate to pursue someone who has made it clear that they are not interested in a romantic or sexual relationship, so don't pursue them relentlessly or sexually harass them. Regardless of sexual orientation, it is always important to respect the boundaries and consent of others.

Finally, it is important for everyone to approach relationships with decency, openness and communication channels. The key is to acknowledge your own feelings while respecting the feelings and boundaries of others, whether you are gay or straight.




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