Chaya Raichik's TikTok account listed in extremist database

南方貧困法律中心將反LGBTQ+影響者Chaya Raichik列入極端主義資料庫

In today's society, the influence of social media cannot be underestimated; not only is it an important channel for information and entertainment, but it has also become a battleground for the exchange of ideologies and viewpoints. Recently, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) added an anti-LGBTQ+ hate influencer named Chaya Raichik to its public database of extremist individuals, organizations, and ideologies, sparking widespread concern.

Chaya Raichik,以“Libs Of TikTok”暱稱在社交媒體上活躍,被SPLC指控幫助在右翼宣傳中復興了反LGBTQ+的“美容師”誹謗,這意味著所有LGBTQ+人都是戀童癖。她散佈反LGBTQ+的陰謀論,認為“誘拐者”已經滲透到每一個社會機構,目的是讓兒童“性化”。


According to the SPLC's investigation, Raichik's anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda dates back to 2021, when she shifted from using the @LibsofTikTok account on X (then known as Twitter) to spread conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and the 2020 election, to utilizing false "modifier" narratives and then gaining new traction on the right. "Libs of TikTok now has over 3 million followers on X, and Raichik's anti-LGBTQ+ posts were related to real threats against schools, libraries, hospitals, and the individuals she targeted.

The SPLC's coverage of Raichik focused on six incidents in which children's hospitals and specific physicians faced harassment and threats of violence after she published false or misleading posts about gender-affirming care provided by children's hospitals and specific physicians. This type of behavior not only has a serious impact on healthcare organizations and professionals, but also causes immeasurable harm to the children and families who need these services.

In this era of increasing diversity and inclusiveness, we should work together to oppose all forms of hatred and prejudice and create a safe, equal and respectful social environment for all. Social media platforms and all sectors of society should remain vigilant against such behavior and take necessary measures to prevent the spread of hate speech and hate crimes.


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