2023 Sydney World Gay Pride Parade - Live from the scene

Sydney Mardi Gras and the World Gay Pride Parade will join forces for the first ever World Parade in the Southern Hemisphere. Over 300 exciting events, including the world famous Mardi Gras parade, return to Oxford Street in 2023!

The crowded Oxford Street

Fair Day

The famous Mardi Gras Fair Day is held at Victoria Park in Chippendale, Sydney's inner city.

Market Day
Eurovision 2014 Champion Austria Representative

Oxford Street Parade

After a two-year hiatus due to the restrictions of the new crown epidemic, Sydney's Mardi Gras parade finally returned to Oxford Street in celebration of its 45th anniversary.

Dykes on bikes vs Daddy on bike-Who is more handsome?

Rainbow Bishop group, Black Soul 3 fans?

The history of Oxford Street and the Mardi Gras march dates back to 1978, when a group of LGBTQI+ social activists staged a protest march in response to police violence against the community. The march turned into a riot, with participants facing police arrests and violence.

Rainbow scene on Oxford street; watch the crowd of the parade, the float is 2023 Hong Kong World Gay Games

Obelisk Beach Gay Beach

Very beautiful Obelisk Beach, towards the rocky area, many gay men cruising


Not the least part of running party


The Mardi Gras + World pride was super fun. The main stage featured Kylie Minogue and Kelly Rowlland, as well as DJ Suri, and when you're tired of playing, you can go to the beach and relax.

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