About the parade, I want to say...] Jade: I'm sorry, but I still have to go out to the gay parade.

Author: 林寒玉(女同志集合出版社負責人) 09/20/2012 發表

I have never been a full-timer in school since I was a child, but I have attended the Gay and Lesbian Parade for ten years in a row, without missing a single one. I think God did it on purpose, not only did He let me open a lesbian publishing house, but He also let me be the host of the first Gay and Lesbian Parade in 2003.

I will never forget the excitement of seeing the rainbow in the sky on the stage with my partners in the first ever gay parade in Taiwan!

Look, even the heavens have sent a rainbow to the scene to cheer, how can the world still say that homosexuality is a sin?

Also, I can't forget the damned host complex.

Because I was either on the main stage or on the six-color float. Because of my professional illness, I always fantasize that every year I have to get rid of the number one gay male host in the stage area, who is super responsive, or get rid of the lesbian hosts who speak Chinese, Hong Kong, Japanese, English and Taiwanese, so that I can enjoy the rainbow flags every year on stage, when I can sweep off stage!

But the demons of the heart are no match for the angels of reality. From 2003 to 2011, various types of LGBTQ hosts emerged one after another in the stage area, including sensual, variety, and sports. No matter how big the rainbow ambassadors were, and how diverse the sports groups were on stage, the LGBTQ hosts never forgot to seize the opportunity to bring everyone on and off the stage. We hope that the microphone is strong enough to penetrate the non-discriminatory demand for equal rights to everyone who happens to be passing by!

The most resourceful ones will never forget to find ways to seek the favor of their friends in the media, and it doesn't matter how they sacrifice, as long as the interaction with the stage is good enough, and the media is willing to shoot more, and the TV and newspapers will broadcast it on the Internet, then they have made the most valuable advertisement for the future of gay people.

Alas, the hosts are so glamorous ~

The guest list, the slogans, the interactions, the outfits, the black eyes and the costumes, it was worth it to make the parade a success!

What about the title of my article?

On one occasion, a long-time reader of my small-to-medium publishing house e-mailed me and asked.

Jade, do you have to have some kind of parade? In the past two years, the parade has been on the TV news and in the newspapers. Some of my colleagues are starting to suspect that I'm gay and are testing me intentionally or unintentionally. Can we not have a parade?

Oh, my parents, my readers, how should I reply?

Later, the fish and geese went back and forth several times, and the content was approximately as follows.

Xiao Yu : My dear OO, do you like the books written by our publishers' authors?

Readers : I like it a lot.

Jade: Let me tell you a true story. When I first started my publishing company, someone called me and told me to go to hell. She said that the books I published would turn people into homosexuals and would kill them, and she wanted me not to publish books that would harm people.

Reader : That's not possible, the author writes very good books, this is a rare hobby for me, you should keep doing it.

Jade : Yes, that's why I'll keep doing it, so I can get to know everyone who supports Lazi's publication! The same goes for the Gay Pride Parade. It's definitely something we should keep doing until the day society really changes!

Readers come and go, and I wonder, as the Gay and Lesbian Parade approaches its tenth year, how is this reader doing? Does he feel that he has a friendly space to come out of the closet instead of the annoyance of his colleagues in the office?

People come and go in the parade, and I wonder, every year, apart from old friends, what new friends I pop up with in the parade?

However, I know how much I want new friends to come, one more, one more.

If our march has really disturbed your life, I personally would like to say sorry (although this is caused by a discriminatory society, but after all, it is hard for me to inconvenience you, so please accept my small personal apology).

But, no matter how loudly and sincerely I apologize, I still have to go out to the 10th Gay and Lesbian Parade!

I sincerely hope that, this year, we can work together with you, a newcomer, to give full play to the strong ability of gay people to comment on things, shaking their heads in the stage, and criticizing the tenth group of hosts where the slogan can be more explicit (where the goodies emerge, go!)

In this way, it's not in vain that I've waved the rainbow flag for ten years, go! Go! Go!