About the march, I would like to say...] But Tang Mo: The voice of a little vulgar spice

Author : Durantmoi (translator and film critic)

In the distant past, the Gay Pride Parade was an abstract term, something that seemed to have some relevance to us, but never really existed. In those days, people had to speculate and simulate the Gay Pride Parade from movies, internet images, written records, or the experiences of some lucky people.

However, it seems that the Gay Pride Parade has become one of the happiest events of the year in the most comfortable season of autumn. If the past generation was the so-called "collective emergence" generation, now, it is the generation of gay parade. Thank you to those who have worked so hard to make this new generation a reality. ...... The new generation has finally arrived.

For someone like me, who is a good mixer, the Gay Pride Rally is a must-go event. I have participated in gay rallies in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Bangkok, and I have seen San Francisco police officers joining in support of gay people, and I was in tears; I have seen foreign department stores and supermarkets taking advantage of the opportunity to express their support in an attempt to gain access to the gay market; and I have seen waitresses standing on floats in the Latin bars I frequent, twirling with the music, or suddenly invading the tip of my nose with the sweet aroma of marijuana. ...... exotic gay parade, dazzling eyes; and then our gay parade, not so many resources, but a lot of different ideas of people, with different ideas, wearing their favorite clothes (or take off the clothes), a whole hundred flowers.
We don't have any threshold, you don't have to represent anything, as long as you want to, you can go in and walk together, it doesn't matter if you dress badly (like me). We may not be able to compete with other people (we don't have so much money), but we are more diversified and have more fun. ...... In fact, every kind of march is good! There is nothing wrong with commercialization! It's also cooler to have serious political aspirations, just like you can wear suits, leather, cheongsams, or really crappy clothes to a march.

In the parade, I was a little bit vulgar, along with the procession, watching the people on top of the float, holding a loud public shouting the declaration of justice of the hot-blooded comrades, or one side to show off their bodies while waving happily at the peacock, I was like an adolescent fan (I really dare to say it), open a pair of exuberant (or hungry) eyes to see them, adore them, see their pride, sighing that I am never the material of the revolution! ...... But I am happy to be a little vulgar, because I know that by joining the march, I am already part of the history of Taiwan's gays and lesbians, which is made up of many precious people like me. To march with everyone, to walk forward together, is a kind of pride.

So, see you all this weekend! If you're looking for me, look for the one in the worst dress :)


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