New York City Traffic Court Judge, Suspected of Being Fired for Having OnlyFans

Gregory Locke was relieved of his duties as an administrative court judge following a complaint by City Council member Vickie Paladino. He has served in that capacity since April 2022.

Palindino's complaint protested a tweet from Locke, who wrote that he wanted Paladino to "choke on a dick. The reason for Rock's tweet was in response to Paladino's post that the Drag Queen Story Hour was a shameful event.

According to the New York Post, this Paladino complaint led to Locke's dismissal for "unprofessional conduct.

The reason for the dismissal was that many of Locke's tweets, which may have violated the Rules of Judicial Conduct, require judges to avoid any conduct that "raises a reasonable doubt" about this judge's impartiality, even if that conduct is "outside the context of judicial activity.

Locke's inflammatory tweets were later deleted.

Last week, I was fired from my job as an administrative law judge in New York City," Locke tweeted Sunday night." This came after a member of the City Council took issue with tweets I wrote in response to their bigoted and misleading comments about drag queens and the gay community as a whole. The council member and the news media also took the opportunity to expose me for engaging in unrelated onlyfans work that did not occur during or at my job at City Hall."

The New York Post broke the news of Locke's firing and trumpeted the attorney's restricted Twitter account. On this account, Locke sometimes showed his face, admitted to others that he was a judge and promoted paid OnlyFans and JustForFans accounts. In some of his captions, he mentions his work and sexuality, referring to his being a judge as a "storyline" commonly used by pornographic accounts to promote themselves. In another post, Locke carefully mentions that the tweets about the judge's job were not made when he was a judge, but rather something he did when he founded his law firm in April 2021.

Regarding the firing, most of the media focused on Locke's sex work as the reason for the firing.