Lukas Gage Discusses the Impact of the Attack on the 'Road House' Show

Lucas Gage Shares How a Painful Experience Inspired His Performance in 'Roadhouse'

Lukas Gage Shares How Attacks Affect 'Roadhouse' Performance

In Hollywood, actors often need to draw inspiration from their own life experiences in order to more authentically portray their characters. For Lukas Gage, an unfortunate attack not only affected his life, but also had a profound impact on his performance in his latest movie, "Roadhouse.

"Roadhouse is an action movie about a former UFC fighter named Dalton (played by Jack Gyllenhaal) who works as a bodyguard at a hotel in the Florida Keys. As the plot develops, Dalton trains several other bodyguards, including Billy, played by Lucas. The role gives Lucas a chance to show off his action scenes, but it also brings back a painful memory from his past.

At the movie's premiere, Lucas confessed that he was attacked at a party when he was younger, an experience that allowed him to express his fear and nervousness more realistically when filming fight scenes. He says, "I was assaulted in a fight that happened at the wrong time at the wrong party." As painful as the experience was, Lucas says it helped him to better utilize his fear when filming the fight scenes in "Road House."

Lucas further explains, "We always smile and downplay the things that are the most disturbing and traumatizing for us. I had to laugh about it, but it was actually the most intense and scary experience, but I did it anyway." This positive attitude and ability to turn painful experiences into acting power undoubtedly added more layers to Lucas' performance in Roadhouse.

It's worth noting that Lucas isn't the only actor in the movie to incorporate real-life experiences into his performance. Conor McGregor, who co-stars with him in the movie, also shared how his fighting experience influenced his performance in the movie. Conor said that some of the intense scenes between him and Jack sometimes seemed too real, which allowed the audience to feel the tension and excitement of the scenes.

Through Lucas and Connor's sharing, we can see how the actors translate their real-life experiences into the power of their on-screen performances. This not only makes the characters more three-dimensional, but also makes the movie's fight scenes more engaging. Lucas Gage's performance in Roadhouse is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in his acting career and a testament to his personal growth.


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