Discover all the celebrities who appreciate Sarah Paulson's acting skills and whether she'd make a perfect match!


On Broadway in New York City, there is a play that is attracting a lot of attention: Suitable, starring Sarah Paulson. The show is not only getting attention for its deep story and superb performances, but it's also becoming the talk of the town as celebrities come out to see it.

《合適的》是布蘭登·雅各布斯·詹金斯(Branden Jacobs-Jenkins)於2014年創作的戲劇,目前正在百老匯首演。該劇講述了一個家庭在其極端分裂的父親去世後,如何處理他們的遺產和家族歷史的故事。這是一個關於家庭、秘密和身份的探索,引人深思。

莎拉·保羅森的表演一直以來都受到觀眾和批評家的高度評價,而這次在《合適的》中的演出也不例外。與她一起主演的還有寇瑞·斯托爾(Corey Stoll)、邁克爾·埃斯珀(Michael Esper)、艾拉·貝蒂(Ella Bett)、娜塔莉·戈爾德(Natalie Gold)和格雷厄姆·坎貝爾(Graham Campbell)等實力派演員,他們共同創造了一個令人難忘的舞台體驗。

最近,肖恩·海斯(Sean Hayes)的妻子、音樂作曲家斯科特·艾斯諾格爾(Scott Icenogle)在觀看完該劇後,在Instagram上發布了一張合影,並寫道:“莎拉和演員們在令人著迷的華麗製作的支持下奉獻了絕對令人驚嘆的表演。如果可以的話,去吧,去看看這個節目。”這番話不僅表達了對演員們表演的讚賞,也透露出這部戲劇的吸引力。

Other celebrities on this viewing included Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Jason Bateman and many more, whose appearances added to the star-studded premiere of the play. In particular, Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson, who worked together in the 2018 film Bird Box, are back together on Broadway for what will undoubtedly be a wonderful reunion.

Suitable is coming to New York's Belasco Theatre on June 23rd, and it's a cultural event not to be missed. Sarah Paulson's amazing performance, along with the support of a who's who of celebrities, will undoubtedly take this play to new heights. If you're in New York, check out the show and experience the charisma of Sarah Paulson and the unique magic of Broadway.


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