Guangzhou lesbian's marriage registration rejected, registrant accuses her of creating disturbance

Guangzhou lesbians refused to register for marriage: Calls for amendment of marriage law to protect homosexual interests

Guangzhou lesbians' marriage registration rejected

Yesterday, a pair of lesbian couples in Guangzhou went to the marriage registration office of the Civil Affairs Bureau in Haizhu District to request for marriage registration, but their requests were rejected. This is the first homosexual couple in Guangdong to make an open attempt to register their marriage. They said they hoped to draw public attention to the rights and interests of homosexuals in marriage in this way. Some Guangdong deputies to the National People's Congress said the refusal by the Ministry of Civil Affairs is in line with the current marriage law, and suggested that the country should amend the law and learn from overseas experience to first register "same-sex couples" in civil relationships.

The licensee was stunned. Are you making a scene?

Yesterday morning, 28-year-old Jiujiu and 25-year-old Aya came to the registration office, the staff did not realize that they are a pair of homosexuals. When Jiu Jiu handed out wedding candies, the staff even happily accepted them, saying "thank you" and pointing to the two registration forms, saying, "Fill in this one for the man, and write in that one for the woman." "We are both women." When JiuJiu identified herself, the staff member was stunned, but quickly responded, "Are you making a scene? According to the marriage law, we can only accept heterosexual marriages. The staff put the candy aside.

The person in question has been recognized by his parents.

Although they did not receive a license, the couple still handed out candies to their friends and relatives, "I hope that everyone will be prosperous, and that our path to same-sex marriage will also be prosperous," she said. JiuJiu told reporters that her sister had made the exquisite box containing the candies with the engraving "We are married". As a next step, JiuJiu plans to marry Aya in a float and hold a banquet for her family and friends. "We've already got our parents' approval and blessing," he says. JiuJiu laughs, now every time I go home, my father will always be concerned about how the wedding certificate is done.

Speaking on the spot, I hope the next generation will allow homosexual marriage.

JiuJiu said she has always hoped for the legalization of same-sex marriage, "I remember in 2010, there was an online survey on whether to support the legalization of same-sex marriage, and when I found out about it, I frantically forwarded the link to the poll to my QQ group, hoping that they would vote in favor of it, and I ended up destroying my mouse. She told reporters that she had come here to try to register her marriage in public in the hope of drawing public attention to the right of homosexuals to marry. As they are not "legal partners", the couple will not be able to adopt children in the future. "I hope that our next generation will allow gay marriage," laughs Jiu Jiu. Jiu Jiu said with a smile.

compromise proposal

Newly-elected National People's Congress (NPC) deputy and renowned lawyer Zhu Leiyu suggested at the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress and People's Political Consultative Conference (PPPCC) in 2010 that Guangdong take the lead in registering same-sex couples in the country, but the proposal was not accepted. He said that China only recognizes heterosexual marriages between a man and a woman, and that it is legal for the marriage registry of the Civil Affairs Bureau in Haizhu District to "refuse to register marriages between people of the same sex". In his opinion, there is a need to revise the entire marriage and family law system, including the Marriage Law, the Inheritance Law, and the Adoption Law. Li Yinhe suggested in his blog that there are two ways to recognize same-sex marriages: one is to establish a same-sex marriage bill; the other is to make minor changes to the existing marriage law: to change the word "husband and wife" in the marriage law to "spouses", and to add the word "(sex)" where the word "spouse" appears for the first time. The word "spouse" should be changed to "spouse" in the existing marriage law, and the words "(gender-neutral)" should be added at the first appearance of the word "spouse". Zhu Leiyu suggested that this work could be taken forward in a gradual manner, "starting with the registration of 'same-sex couples'with a civil relationship, such as the issuance of certificates of same-sex family relationship, same-sex mutual assistance relationship, and other certificates that stipulate the rights and obligations of the two parties, just like what is done in foreign countries."

The action of this lesbian couple has aroused the attention of the community and has made people rethink the status and rights of same-sex marriage under the law. It is hoped that there will be more discussions and changes in the future so that everyone can enjoy equal rights in marriage.


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