Confronting MAGA's Challenge to Equality Values

國會議員詹姆斯“吉姆”麥戈文:共和黨對 LGBTQI+ 群體的無情攻擊

In today's political climate, the performance of the Republican Party in the 118th Congress has generated a great deal of attention and discussion. As a founding member and Vice Chair of the Congressional Equality Caucus, it is important for me to share my perspective on this situation, particularly regarding the Republican attack on the LGBTQI+ community.




Some of the most shocking and morally repugnant attacks by Republicans have been against the transgender community, especially transgender youth. They have passed amendments requiring schools to forcibly expel transgender students and banning transgender girls from participating in school sports teams in kindergarten. These actions reflect Republicans' relentless attack on the LGBTQI+ community.

We've also seen dozens of anti-equality amendments proposed by Republicans in government appropriations bills that not only target necessary medical care, but also encourage discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community. These actions show that Republicans are simply throwing their cruel, anti-equality gimmicks against the wall and seeing how it works.

The Congressional Equality Caucus released a report called Obsession: House Republicans' Relentless Attacks on the LGBTQI+ Community in 2023, which tracks all of the anti-equality attacks we've seen in the last year. As a founding member and Vice Chair of the Congressional Equality Caucus, I am fully committed to protecting the LGBTQI+ community and advancing a pro-equality agenda, and 2023 taught us that we have a lot of work ahead of us in 2024 and beyond.

Despite these attacks, know that many of us will not stand by while Republicans target the LGBTQI+ community. I'm proud to work with the largest caucus in the U.S. Congress to fight for equality because I know that in order for America to keep moving forward, we must be inclusive of the LGBTQI+ community.

Congressman James "Jim" McGovern.
Represents Massachusetts' 2nd Congressional District and is a founding member and Vice Chair of the Congressional Equality Caucus.

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