Taiwan LGBT March 2022 Theme and Spirit

2022 LGBT Parade Theme

Source:2022 Taiwan LGBT Parade official website

Unlimited Sex - Deconstructing the framework, sex/gender unlimited

This year 2022 is a very meaningful year for the LGBT march in Taiwan. Since 2003, when the march started from the New Park (now the February 28 Peace Park), the LGBT march in Taiwan has reached its 20th year. "We hope that the public can see the LGBT+ community, understand and respect each person's identity, and further make friendliness a reality in our daily lives. Why are there still so many sexually diverse communities that cannot be seen, understood, respected, or live in a friendly environment? Before discussing this issue, let's talk about what the LGBT march and the entire LGBT movement has been doing in the past 20 years.

With the gender binary still intact, many people cannot understand that sex/gender is "infinite", so what we are doing is actually "deconstructing the framework of sex/gender" - that is, "sexual liberation". Perhaps you have heard of "sexual liberation", but did you know that the LGBT movement is actually part of the sexual liberation movement and that the LGBT march is about sexual liberation? Sexual liberation means "the removal of all oppression and stigmatization of sexuality" so that everyone can have autonomy over their bodies and sexuality. Anti-gay groups have been attacking sexual liberation with the term "sexual openness," claiming that traditional morality or family values will be eradicated by the sexual liberation movement precisely because they do not and will not understand the core concept of sexual liberation, believing that sexual liberation is tantamount to sexual openness and will lead to moral degradation. This is a narrow-minded dichotomy.

But that is not our position. The Taiwan Gay and Lesbian March welcomes anyone to express their opinions, whether they are for or against a certain issue, and does not exclude certain kinds of voices. Therefore, we never deny that sexual openness is a part of sexual liberation, but by contrast, "sexual conservatism" is also a part of sexual liberation, even "not needing sex", because the true meaning of sexual liberation is that - whether one chooses to be sexually open, sexually conservative, or not needing sex in the first place - one should not be subjected to any oppression or stigma in society. Therefore, under the umbrella of the sexual liberation movement, everyone's choice or non-choice should be understood and respected, and this is also the consistent position of the Taiwan LGBT march. Each person is respected solely for his or her identity and lives in a society that sees diversity, understands and respects differences.

However, such a vision cannot be achieved overnight, and there are still many sex/gender frameworks in society that need to be deconstructed. First, although same-sex marriage legislation has been passed for several years, there is still a difference between same-sex and opposite-sex marriages, both in terms of applicable laws and to the general public, such as in terms of rituals and rituals, or in terms of genealogical titles. It is necessary for society to accept the values behind it, or the order it seeks to shape. Therefore, at this stage, we not only want to let the public know that the legal requirements for same-sex and opposite-sex marriages are the same, and that there is no need for a separate law, and that there are still many restrictions on same-sex marriages in terms of joint adoption, artificial reproduction, and intercountry marriages, but we also want the public to understand the substantive differences between same-sex and opposite-sex marriages, instead of putting same-sex marriages into the framework of opposite-sex marriages. -The real respect for differences is to give equal rights protection and at the same time respect the differences between the other party and oneself - for example, in terms of titles, it would be better to avoid unthinkingly applying titles such as "husband and wife" and "parents" to the other party, and to take some time to confirm how the other party wants to be addressed. It is very helpful to build a culture of diversity and friendliness; and building a culture of friendliness can start with ourselves, no matter what our status is.

Furthermore, the imagination of relationships can be more diverse. Currently, except for heterosexual families, society only accepts one-to-one same-sex closed partnerships or marriages, and same-sex couples cannot even adopt children together; but marriage is only one of many types of relationships - and it is an all-you-can-eat concept, with no way to negotiate with the other party what rights and obligations they will bear. Other issues, such as master-slave relationships and open relationships in BDSM, should also be seen; companionship laws and multiple family members should also be established. In addition, staying single is also a choice, but there is a lot of discrimination and unfair treatment for singles in society, such as stores not accepting single customers or asking for a price increase, etc. Singles are often subjected to various kinds of ridicule (e.g., being considered "rude") or pressure to get married, which leads to low self-confidence or excessive anxiety, and they adopt extreme or wrong pursuit methods, such as stalking and PUA, causing harm to the pursued person. Therefore, we call for the following Therefore, we call on everyone to have the right to pursue their own comfortable relationships without hurting others, and regulations and social opinions should not be a hindrance; all relationship patterns are just a part of life, and no one will hold up one relationship type as a model for others, but everyone should create a comfortable interpersonal network for their own lives.

In addition, "intentional friendliness" can become a framework. As we mentioned in last year's theme note, when we can stop using the word "friendly", that is, when we no longer need to use "friendly" to label any particular person or place, that is, when we are friendly everywhere and everywhere is friendly, then we will have a truly friendly society. At this stage, we do see many gay-friendly places, stores, and even gay-friendly enterprises, but we can further think about this: when we emphasize "friendly", doesn't it mean that there are other places that are not friendly enough, so we need a haven, a paradise? And this friendliness comes from "you are gay" - such friendliness can easily divide you and me, and may even become a tool of "separation but equality", because "you are gay" can just stay in the "gay-friendly" place. (Although last year's theme note emphasized that friendliness is not exclusive, there is still no shortage of people who use the concept as a fence to separate the different from the other and to keep their eyes closed.) However, queerness should not be a framework, "identity" can be a form of identity, a way to find a sense of belonging, so what we need to do is to break the framework imposed on queerness, not queerness itself, and not to emphasize in general that we all love the same - only when we all respect the autonomy and diversity of each "person" can we see the differences. Only when we respect the autonomy and diversity of each "person" can we see the "infinite" possibilities of different identities. In order to support a space where everyone can be unrestricted, it is not only necessary for different advocacy groups to continue to speak out on their respective issues, but also for you and me to respect, understand, and even stand up for the rights of each "person" before we can move towards a truly friendly future. This is the reason why the Taiwan LGBT March continues to be held every year, inviting different groups to speak out on stage, and hoping that people will take to the streets on the day of the march - not only for themselves, but also for those who cannot take to the streets, so that being present can become a possibility for change.

Throughout these 20 years, the Taiwan LGBT March has carried a variety of issues and slogans, and has been dedicated to promoting various affirmative action issues in society - from the early days of making homosexuality visible to the public and calling on political figures to take concrete action, to advocating that all sexual diversity communities (LGBT+) should be seen in addition to homosexuality. From the early days of making homosexuality visible and calling on politicians to take concrete action, to advocating that all sexual diversity communities (LGBT+) should be seen in addition to homosexuality, and later witnessing the birth of same-sex marriage laws, the Taiwan LGBT march has always stood with sexual diversity. However, the march does not end here. At this 20th anniversary crossroads, we hope that the public can see, understand and respect the "unlimited" sexuality of everyone - because there are "unlimited" possibilities for sexuality and gender, and there should be "no restrictions". We want to promote not only gender/gay friendliness, but also hope that society as a whole will have a deeper understanding of friendliness, and that when we free ourselves from the existing framework of restrictions and oppressions, we can move towards a pluralistic society where there is no place for unfriendliness. We hope that in the future, no matter what your identity, gender, sexual orientation, preference, or relationship status is, you will no longer be bound by any label or framework, but will be able to live your life as you like in society, and the social atmosphere, legal system, and related measures will no longer be a resistance but a help. Such a society is the driving force for Taiwan's gay and lesbian community to continue to move forward after 20 years of travel. (Quoted from the official website of the 2021 Taiwan LGBT March)

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