Taiwan LGBT March 2020 Theme and Spirit

Image Source:2020 Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Alliance website

The Beauty of Adulthood


What do you think of when you say "18 years old"? For many people, 18 years old should have its own special meaning. The year before last, we called for "18 for Everyone", and this year, it's 18 for the Taiwan LGBT march! In the past two years, we have experienced the referendum battle, same-sex marriage legislation and the presidential election together. "From the first "Seeing Homosexuality" in 2003 to this year's "Beauty of Adulthood", the LGBT march has grown from the only one in Taiwan to a blossoming event everywhere. At this point, the LGBTIQA+ community no longer only needs to be seen, but also needs the beauty of adulthood.

What is "the beauty of being an adult"? Originally, it means to do good to others, but we extend it to "understanding and respecting the approval of others". Identity is subjective, meaning what you "feel" you identify with "at the moment", and what you want others to see you as, and what makes you feel comfortable with that identification. It doesn't have to take sides, and it doesn't have to stay the same forever. Some people say, "What's the point of having so many categories/subdivisions in a sexually diverse community? There are at least two problems with this statement: first, it denies the self-identity of others and fails to understand and respect them at all; second, it confuses "identity" with "labeling. Identity is an attribution that one gives to oneself, while labeling is to be applied to others. Furthermore, identity is actually very difficult to define by objective standards, which means that "what you do does not mean that you must have any kind of identity".

In addition, "adult" often reminds people of "18 forbidden", but only adults can have sex, or "can" have sex? Sexual education should not only be called sex education by stigmatizing sexual behavior and not doing anything at all, but also by knowing how to refuse, learning protective measures, and understanding the risks and legal responsibilities associated with sexual behavior. On the other hand, do adults always have sex, or can they always "have" sex? People with disabilities are often treated as if they are or should be sexless, perhaps because they are ignored, perhaps because they don't know what to do, or perhaps because they are told, "It's good enough to live, why ask for so much? When an upright person says he or she "doesn't want/need sex" as opposed to a person with a disorder, he or she is questioned whether he or she has a disease, physical (sexual) or psychological disorder. Such an established perception creates a social phenomenon: people with impairments are considered to want to be sexless, while those who are sexless are considered to have impairments.
So what is "beauty"? If the gay/gender movement is about letting everyone live their lives in the most comfortable way possible, then how about body image and appearance? For example, some gay men strive to be "strong and masculine" and even to look "heterosexual" in order to get rid of stereotypes of gay men as "feminine" and "feminine. Has this anxiety about body imagery internalized "homophobia" and further oppressed our own people? Of course, there is nothing wrong with fighting stereotypes, but it would be oppressive to impose these demands for body image and appearance on those who cannot meet the "ideal standards. In addition, the situation for transgender and cross-dressers is even more difficult. When a person wants to look different from their biological gender in Tokyo, or live in a way that does not meet society's expectations, the stigma or discrimination, or even legal restrictions, prevent them from living their true self. "Beauty" should not be just a given imagination, because the standard of "beauty" changes with time and place. While we fight against stereotypes, we should not allow ourselves to become the perpetrators of another stereotype that excludes or harms our own.

The "beauty of adulthood" can also be interpreted as "the beauty of being born as a human being", no matter what your status, gender/identity/age/nationality, you are part of a sexually diverse community, and that is a "beauty". If society is friendly enough, then there is no need to feel sorry for being born as a human being, whether at home, at school or in the workplace, everyone can live their lives in the way they feel most comfortable, and that is your daily life and mine. 18 years old is a time of transition, and the gay and lesbian movement has entered the next phase with last year's same-sex marriage legislation, which is an important milestone, even if it has unfinished business. This year, 18-year-old citizenship will be an important issue. 18-year-olds are still limited in their ability to act while being fully responsible, and the problem of unequal rights and obligations still needs to be solved by amending the law.

The 18th Taiwan LGBTQ Parade invites you to join us on the streets and "make the best of life" together. The theme of last year's march was "LGBTQ Alley", hoping that the public could see the existence of LGBTQ people around you and me, but this year, we hope that the sexual diversity community will not only be seen, but also be truly understood and respected. In this way, it is possible for people to be born beautiful, and everyone is the most "beautiful" being. (Quoted from the website of the 2011 Taiwan LGBT March Coalition)

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(Quoted from the official website of Taiwan Gay and Lesbian March)