Taiwan LGBT Parade 2019 Theme and Spirit

Image Source:2019 Taiwan LGBT Parade Alliance Website

Comrade Alley


About the 17th Parade

Let's be each other's good neighbors

The LGBT movement in Taiwan has been going on for dozens of years, and today, not only are there more and more LGBT reports in the media, but there are also many real life stories of LGBT people appearing more frequently in online communities, and we are seeing more LGBT people showing up in all sorts of places in Taiwan.

During the referendum at the end of last year, many people came out of the closet for human rights and equality, using their own stories to let more people understand why sex equality education and marriage equality are important; these appearances were not only the expressions of gay individuals and gay friends and relatives coming out of the closet, but also many heterosexual allies in the land who came forward and worked together to express their support for gays and lesbians.

They are all "gay good alley"

For the past 16 years, Taiwan LGBTQ Tour has had a different theme every year, but what remains the same is that this is always a platform for the expression of LGBTQ issues, and every different person is welcome.

This year, for the 17th year, the theme of the event is "Good Neighborhoods for LGBTQ People", and "Good Neighborhoods" means "Good Neighborhoods". For us in the LGBT community, we can become "good neighbors" by caring for and understanding these important issues and supporting each other, such as senior citizen long term care, AIDS destigmatization, sex education, workplace equality, marriage equality, barrier equality, sex work legalization, aborigines and new aborigines, and transition justice. In the land of Taiwan, diversity, tolerance and harmony are the human and social values of life that we are known for. Taiwan will also become the world's "good neighborhood" because of its happiness and common good.

This year is the first year of same-sex marriage in Taiwan, but the gay movement is not yet over, because discrimination and misunderstanding have not yet disappeared. While the sun shines on our bodies, we must not forget that there are still shadows behind us. As long as we are willing to show up, our stories will bring more understanding and change to Taiwan society. We all deserve to have a "good alley" and we can all become "17" gay alley. (Quoted from the website of the 2019 Taiwan LGBT Rally Alliance)

Tour Map

Tour groups

RedTaiwan Gay and Lesbian Advice Line Association, Formosa pride, GagaOOLala Your Story, Jiliya Medicine, Marriage Affirmative Action Platform, Gender Equality Education Platform, Red House - Windy City - Zhu Luo Department House, Hairy Children are not alone, House of Fairy, Love, PVH, Vicki's Room & Taiwan Rainbow Wiki Group, Taiwan Base Association, Your Good Partners Hand Angel & Disabled Children, Alliance for the Advancement of Gender Rights, Social Democratic Party, Coolzilla Society of National Chung Cheng University, Expedia Group, Taiwan Indigenous LGBT Alliance, Mozilla
OrangeAIDS March Front (Pa San Xiao Affairs, Taiwan Infected Journal Association, Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Advice Line Association AIDS Group, AIDS Infected Rights Promotion Association, Taiwan Huai Ai Association, Taiwan Lutheran Association, Taiwan New AIDS Awareness Alliance, Taiwan Hope of Love Association, Sunshine Cool Children Center, Southern Rainbow Street No. 6, HERO Drug Love Healing Recovery Center, Taipei City United Hospital Kunming Prevention and Treatment Center, Taiwan Cool Cover, Lez G.star, Mx. Gay Parents Love Association, Sirens, Chang Gung Sexual Narcissism Front, TABOO, Child Friendly Surrogacy Service Center of America, Pi Rope Discovery, G Chord Guitar Society, JP Morgan Chase Group, Native American Youth Front, GSK, Upbodywear, National Changhua Normal University Counseling and Consultation Institute, Changshi University Sex Society, National Taiwan Ocean University Ocean Cool Kids Society, Yilan University "Gender/Society and Culture" Newsletter Gender/Society and Culture" Liberal Studies Program of Yilan University, Taiwan Foundation, Institute of Gender Education of Kaohsiung Normal University, Invisible in the World Promotion Committee, Queermoy, Rainbow City Pipe Band 
YellowTaiwan Alliance for the Advancement of Couples' Rights, Grindr, LesPark Lala Park, T-STUDIO x PAR.T, Taiwan Youth Democratic Association, Taipei City University Diversity/Gender Workshop, Processional Wine Group Alliance, Time Force, Tainan Rainbow Parade, Chinese Association for the Promotion and Study of Physical and Mental Health X Tao Yuan Rainbow Residence, NYG Color, TaxiGo, Kaohsiung RD Dream Bar, Rainbow of Macau|Rainbow of Macau|Arco-íris de Macau, #Tag me, Enigma Colriddle, Orang Macam Kita (People Like Us), Diversity Tungwu, Liberation of Sex/Gender, Flying Fish Society, Shih Hsin University, Psychology of Sexuality Program, Department of Psychology, Shih Hsin University Institute of Gender Studies, Hsinchu Gender Friendly Action League, Shih Hsin Rainbow Action Group, Action Mountain Palms, Don't Party with Social Workers, Work Life Family, LGBTQ Party Walk, Lei Shan Baojing Noritake Franchising Division, Human Rights Rampage, MAC TAIWAN, Love Everyday Music Festival, Women's March Taiwan, We Taiwan, Amnesty International, Chang Gung Technology Co. Amnesty International, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology "Gender Body and Medicine", Kaohsiung LGBTQ Parade, 4417 TV, China Medical University Sexual And Gender Equality Organization, Free Taiwan Party, Independent Youth Front
GreenTongguang LGBT Presbyterian Church, GAP, We are GYEE, playing Gayly, Charlie's Angels, VietJet Air, Microsoft, Rainbow Unicorn Society, Sun Yat-sen University, flyingV, BNP Paribas PRIDE, Youth Platform Foundation, BEAMS & plain-me, Mountain Living OUTDOOR, ON Semiconductor, Villagers Walking Together, Lez go Hiking~I love mountain girls! Progressive Party, L Bar, Children and Youth Sexuality Counseling Center, Taiwan Society for Sexuality Counseling, Tamkang University, Jiao Tong University, New China and Community College - Gender Equality, Youth Cheerleaders, Facebook, Rodem Church from Korea, Halo our world, Fu Jen Catholic University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Fu Jen Catholic University Research Society, Fu Jen Catholic University Student Association, Fu Jen Catholic University Blackwater Gap Society, Gender Uncertainty Care Association, AJ Party King, Mister Pastel Unicorn
BlueTokyo Rainbow Pride Tokyo Rainbow Pride, Rainbow Cool Kids Health & Culture Center, Harry Boy x G-BOT TAIWAN, #'s most supportive delivery platform Deliveroo, Procter & Gamble Taiwan, Ernst & Young Associates (EY), Dell Pride, Hewlett-Packard Global Ltd., Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Winkler Partners, Bank of America, G Major Male Voice Choir, Towers Watson Taiwan, TOOT, National Taiwan Normal University, National Cheng Kung University's TO‧Lakoo Club, Taipei Medical University's Cool Cheer, World Cup Rugby University Cool Cheer, World Cup Rugby Team's I Love Taiwan Gentlemen's Costume Edition, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, TESLA Taiwan Tesla, Tzu Chi University, Gender One Heart Society, Little People's Political Participation Obasan Union, Together to the Mountain! Taiwan's government agencies in the EU, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK
PurpleBDSM Society, NTU, NTU Law Society, NTU Social Work Society, NTU Women's Studies Society, NTU Consciousness Journal, NTU Student Congress, PIERROT Japan, foodpanda, Li-Hsin Foundation, Peking University Flip Flop Society, Taiwan Parent-Child Education Promotion Association, IF Fashion Shopping Network, Hard Speech Society, Good Pregnancy Studio, National Tsing Hua University Gender Equality Workshop American Institute in Taiwan, Women's New Knowledge Foundation, FIDH

(Quoted from the official website of Taiwan Gay and Lesbian March)