Taiwan LGBT March 2017 Theme and Spirit

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Astringent sexual leveling opens up, and the desire for diversified teaching follows


In 2015, we talked about the social norms that hinder the expression of self through age and gender.1 2016, we talk about the ubiquitous fake friendliness of the environment.2 And after seeing the endless incidents of campus discrimination and the shape-shifting alliancesAfter the persistent focus on smears, this year we're talking about - the ones who have been "limited" in their studies because of their age and oppressed by the "fake friendly" atmosphere - the ones who have been "limited" in their studies and oppressed by the "fake friendly" atmosphere.Gender Equality Education.

Sexuality education should be a sex/gender pluralistic education

  "Gender Equality Education (GEE) refers to education that recognizes and respects various biological sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender temperaments, and the cultural differences of LGBTIQA - a sexually diverse community - in order to eliminate discrimination-based violence and bullying, and to promote substantive equality in gender status. In the education field, the Gender Equality Education Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Gender Equality Act") was originally drafted to implement "gender" equality education, but in 2000, due to the impact of the Yeh Yung Chi incident4It is only since then that the content of respecting diverse gender differences has been added, hoping to protect the next generation. However, after 14 years of implementation, no matter in gender equality education, government policies, surveys, and subsidized research, the main focus is still on "heterosexuality" and "two genders".

  Under the regulation of the Sexual Equality Act and the Sexual Assault Prevention and Control Act, junior high schools and elementary schools should implement at least six hours of sexuality-related curriculum and activities every semester, so that sexuality education can slowly take root in schools. However, the repeated occurrence of such tragic incidents as the suicide of Yang's classmate in Liujiang Junior High School and the lesbian student in Pingtung shows that the sexually diverse community still lacks support in terms of identity and friendly acceptance in the external environment during the growth process, and the situation is even worse when resources are unevenly distributed between urban and rural areas.

  In addition, in order to prevent students from being sexually harassed, sexually assaulted and sexually bullied, the law requires "suspected" to be "reported", so that if a student has consensual sex with someone and wants to ask questions about it, the teacher will be under pressure to "report", leaving a void in sex education for students.5This kind of sex education fails to protect the sexually diverse community and limits the space for students to be taught, which has lost its purpose. A protective mechanism that is expected to leave no one out is instead suffocating.

  If sex/gender diversity education is truly implemented, young lives will know that there is nothing wrong with being "different" and will have the opportunity to learn to like themselves and develop a confident and powerful self-positioning; if everyone on campus is open to recognizing the differences of others and allows empathy to resolve fears, bullying can be truly reduced. If schools at all levels turn a blind eye to students' erotic needs and confusion when confronted with intimate relationship issues, and continue to evade the issue by saying "you will understand when you grow up," refusing to accompany and dialogue with them, it is like "letting students explore on their own"; and outside of school, a group of people who claim to "respect" diversity have been working tirelessly for years to spread rumors and discredit sex education, putting sex/gender diversity sex education at risk.

Refusal of fake friendly sex level education  

  Since 2011, the Alliance for Transformation has been using distorted facts to obstruct sex education: first, it used the identity and position of power of "experts and scholars" to package discrimination; it also organized the "mobilization of parents" to spread rumors and actively "get in" as representatives of school affairs; and it even pressured local education bureaux and departments to smear sex education through the civil representatives and councils.6The two-pronged political mobilization of "local encirclement and central infiltration" is attempting to combine the model family values, anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality issues advocated by the government with various conservative forces to continue to incite fear and hatred by any means. In addition, the new 12-year national education curriculum has been postponed to the 108th school year, and the nightmare of the "needle-jumping army" invasion is likely to be repeated in public hearings in counties and cities.7 But the Ministry of Education, as the representative of the profession, has misinterpreted the meaning of "pluralism and diversity" by including academics who "do not recognize gender equality" as "gender equality education commissioners".

  After the passage of the constitutional interpretation of equal rights in marriage this year, the shape-shifting alliance that keeps attacking sex education has intensified its firepower, using a seemingly beautiful vision of education wrapped in a honeyed cloak of "fake friendliness". They claim that sex education is necessary but requires "sex- and age-appropriate" learning; they threaten to build a friendly campus with "respect" as the starting point and "love" as the core value, but in reality, they have replaced the concept with gender education, arguing that there are only male and female biological sexes and ignoring the natural existence of intersexuals. The textbooks and teachers' manuals that include "gender spectrum," "transgender," "homophobia," and "heterosexual hegemony" are denounced as age-inappropriate and controversial sex education materials that "turn children into homosexuals. However, the spirit of sexuality education is supposed to respect all kinds of identities and allow for the coexistence of diversity, whether conservative, moderate or radical.

  The life experiences of countless sexually diverse communities tell us that the initiation of sexual orientation and desire begins as early as childhood. Each person's life course and issues are different, and education should not be top-down or dominated, nor can students be easily categorized. Therefore, diverse gender identities, intimate relationships, sexual preferences, and even sex work should be recognized and deserve open discussion, such as.Open relationships, recreational drug use, finger and anal sex, various forms of sexual pleasure (polyamory, BDSM, etc.), body nudity (e.g. Free the Nipple)These issues are linked to the desire for life, equality, liberation, and freedom, and affect the operation of society and its environment. Therefore, the pluralistic concept of sexuality education should not be limited to the school, but rather to the "sexual" welfare of all people.It is closely related.

Everyone needs sex education

  Because of the deep-rooted "gender education," parents and teachers are actually the generation that has been "let go" of gender diversity and sexuality. When students are discussing various pop culture or social issues, they in turn are resisting, interacting, or discussing with teachers and the established curriculum; if teachers do not further their studies and parents have limited access to information, they naturally do not know how to teach children and need sex education to open their eyes and keep up with the occurrence and exploration of desires.

  We all need to love and be loved, we need space to explore sexual/gender issues, and we need education to bring freedom, not fear, to our lives. Looking back at our past schooling, when we entered the society and faced with all kinds of intimate relationships, were we able to understand and enjoy our physical desires? Can we develop more mature interpersonal relationships and know how to negotiate or refuse in sexual matters? Can we even see the emotional relationships and desires beyond "one man, one woman, one lifetime"? From the perspective of gender diversity, we can see the sexual exploration and needs of diverse communities, especially the physically and mentally challenged, the elderly, and the underage; we can reduce the stigma against the sexually diverse communities, such as understanding and accepting people living with HIV, and "let love go before fear".9.

  Taiwan boasts of being a "democratic" and pluralistic society, so the purpose and content of education should be to cultivate people who can think independently and learn how to make decisions for themselves in the face of the challenges brought by an increasingly complex society; to enable individuals with different life experiences to engage in value conflicts and dialogues without being treated differently, and to reflect on themselves, in order to promote social progress. Therefore, we call for

  • Reject the miserable youth brought about by ascendancy! Young people are the main subject of sex education in schools. Let each person bring his or her own differences to understand the differences of others in order to realize the true meaning of diversified education.
  • The teachers are committed to their professionalism in education and continue to learn about diversity/gender issues, making the classroom an open space for free and frank conversation and mutual understanding.
  • Parents with parental authority should be honest about their children's desire and exploration of their sexuality, and accompany them through their anxiety and acceptance of their true selves.
  • The government should stop using progressive terminology as packaging and regressive practices, while ignoring the existence and rights of sexual diversity communities. It should reject the harassment and political calculations of the disguised alliance and take a firm stance on practical and equitable education to reduce the resource gap between urban and rural areas.
  • As a member of society, we need to work together for a diverse and equal sex/gender education.

  The 15th Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Parade, let's take to the streets together to show different life styles and issues - you and I are the living teaching materials of sex equality, not only for ourselves, but also for our friends who cannot be free to be present, "open" the door of sex equality education, and together give this society a colorful and diversified "sex education desire".10The march! (Quoted from the website of the 2017 Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Procession Alliance)


  1. 2015 "No Age Limit - Liberation of the Dark Cabinet ● Youth Autonomy" - Main Discussion  
  2. 2016 "Let's FUN Out - Break the "Fake Friendliness", You and I Support Our Freedom" - Keynote Speech 
  3. "Shapeshifting AllianceRefers to conservative groups related to the Christian faith systemThese groups include: True Love Alliance, Alliance for the Protection of the Family, Alliance for the Happiness of the Next Generation, Taiwan Civil Rights Solidarity Organization, and the political party organization Faith in Hope Alliance (Loveless Alliance)...etc. 
  4. On the morning of April 20, 2000, he went to the bathroom during class time and was found lying in a pool of blood and died after being taken to the hospital. This incident led to a public debate on gender education, which led to the change of the Gender Equity Education Act to the Gender Equity Education Act in 2004, and the extension of education policy from gender education to multigender education.
  5. For reference"Article 21 of the "Gender Equality Education ActandQuestion 6 of the Q & A version of the Main Discussion.
  6. In July of this year, the government of Yunlin County issued an official document to all elementary and middle schools in Yunlin County, requesting the exclusion of gender diversity awareness teaching materials and the removal of the "gender spectrum" content. See the report.Politics over professionalism? Yunlin County bans teaching "gender diversity awareness".
  7. This year, from September 3 to November 4, the National Institute of Education (NIE) will holdPublic hearing on the 12-year National Education Social Studies Curriculum FrameworkThe "A" is the name of the game. At present, in Hualien County and Kaohsiung City, there is an army of parents holding up the name of parents but acting in the name of anti-similarity, occupying public hearings with discriminatory speeches that deviate from the theme.
  8. Sexuality can be derived from personal sexual orientation, intimacy, and sexual preferences; from bodily sexual autonomy and sexual rights; and from social violence, sexual bullying, and sexual work rights-all of which are generated by the desires of each individual. In addition, although asexuality does not create sexual desire for others, there are still groups that prefer romantic love, intimacy, and neither of the above, all of which are diverse manifestations of desire. When these desires are denied and considered abnormal, "sexual" happiness will affect the happiness of the individual, which in turn affects the partner, family and society.
  9. Berger Chen, YouTube - "After the illness".
  10. The term "desire" in this essay refers to the basic needs of human beings, including: lust, appetite, sexual desire, and the desire to have a family, etc. It is the source that drives people to pursue more beauty and progress. Therefore, we use the term "teaching desire" in the hope that by understanding the diverse sexuality of each person, we can make the public face up to the existence of desire and the various issues of sexual identity, intimacy, and sexual preferences that arise from it.
    In 2011, the Shapeshifting Alliance released a film titled "Sexuality teaches desire", which distorted and discredited sex education in schools by reinforcing the social stigma of "desire". The term is used again here in the hope of reversing the public's fear and avoidance of "desire" and allowing for the real implementation of diverse sexuality education in society.

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"Astringent sexuality opens up, and the desire for diversity follows" main exposition Q & A

Q1. What does this year's theme "Astringent Sexuality Opens Up, Diverse Educational Desires Follow" mean?

A: The first line, "Astringent sexual equality opens up", contains various interpretations: "Astringent" can be harmonized with "stagnant", "green" or "colorful"; "sexual equality" is a pluralistic "gender equality education". In the whole sentence, it is hoped that the space of sex equality in the society as a whole, which is stagnant and difficult to be practiced, can be opened up; it is also hoped that the young lives in the school can learn diversified sex equality education; and it is also hoped that there is room for discussion on the sound of "sexuality".

In the second sentence, "the diversity of desires is followed", following the space opened in the first sentence, we hope that different issues related to desire, such as lust, sexual orientation, and intimacy, can be seen and discussed together in sexuality education, instead of being avoided. In addition, the "multiple sexuality education" here is not only for the institutional campus, but also for the whole society.

Tour Alliance HopeMore discussion and understanding of issues can reduce the fear, discrimination and potential violence that comes from ignorance..

Q2. "Desire" is a private matter, why should it be discussed as a public issue?

A: "Desire" refers to the basic needs of human beings, including the desire for love, food, sex, and family, etc. It is the source that drives people to pursue more beauty and progress. Especially in modern society, the individual is the smallest unit of society. Therefore, the "desire" that starts from the individual and seems to be in the private sphere has various identities and interpersonal relationships that intertwine into a large and small network in society, and in turn affects the individual in the form of public issues. Therefore, can society as a whole provide a space for diverse individuals to place themselves and develop more possibilities? It is also closely related to whether society is more equal, progressive, and open.

In the field of sexuality education, gender identity, sexual orientation, intimacy, and sexual desire are relatively closely related. These issues need to be learned, observed, and discussed so that individuals can face their own desires, find their corresponding positions, and not suffer, repress, or be ashamed of their differences; at the same time, through the sharing and questioning of different individuals, we can understand diversity and differences, and have the opportunity to break free from the limitations of self-experience, and further enable society to achieve inclusion through respect and empathy. -All kinds of differences can be treated equally.

Q3. Does the "sexual peace" in the theme of the rally refer to the sexual peace education taught in schools? What are the areas covered?

A: For a long time, the Taiwan LGBT March has been advocating for society as a whole. Therefore, this theme is about "gender equality education that encompasses multiple issues and teaches people to respect differences", not only in the school curriculum, but also in the diversity of gender beyond the two genders. The third subtitle of the main theme, "Everyone Needs Gender Equality Education," means that gender equality education can be implemented in school, family, and society in general.

Q4. Do you want to tell the teachers how to teach the students when the rally proposes diversified sex education?

A:This year's main theme is not to tell teachers how to teach students, but to promote the diversity of sex education from the campus to the public, and to expect that in addition to the health education of sex knowledge, we can get closer and see the uncertainties and doubts of life. We also invite parents and teachers to pay attention to individual differences, to "open up" the space of the educational scene, to respond to the real needs of "astringent" individuals, and to prevent students who encounter doubts from having no way to seek help.

At the same time, most parents and teachers are actually the "released" generation, because they did not receive diversified sex education during their school years, so they can only figure it out on their own when they grow up. No one can exhaust all the questions and answers, and as society becomes more complex, new issues will be added. This is why the annual march serves as a platform for discussion and reflection on a variety of issues, allowing for dialogue and tug-of-war through differences, and opening up a little more space for each unique individual.

Q5. "Sexual and age-appropriate" sex education is important, should children be taught how to have finger and anal sex at an early age?

A: In the current 12-year national education plan, there is indeed an age-appropriate teaching design for sex education, which is divided into five learning stages according to elementary school, junior high school, and high school (please refer to the National Institute of Education'sHandbook for integrating topics into instructions(p. 31), and emphasizes the spirit of "students as spontaneous and active learners," "accommodating individual special needs," and "respecting multicultural and ethnic differences.
The so-called "teaching children how to have finger and anal sex at primary school" has all along been a smear and distortion by the Transformation League, and no gender group has ever advocated this. The "sex-appropriate age" proposed by the Perverted Alliance is in fact an explicit and implicit way of emphasizing chastity before marriage and sexual relations after marriage, and thus denying or not teaching any sex education; at the same time, it also denies gender diversity (such as the "gender spectrum") beyond the two genders, and believes that it will "infect" children with homosexuality...etc. Such a "age-appropriate" approach is a perfect example of discrimination and pseudo-friendliness, and completely contradicts the core values of sexuality education.

In real life, many students do encounter their own sexuality/gender education problems at the same stage. Therefore, YUM advocates: return to the students' main body, while taking care of the needs of multiple genders, not limited by the textbook, and truly respond to the differences and emotional needs of individuals.

Q6. Do teachers need to notify students when they ask questions related to "sex"? Why does the notification mechanism limit the scope of sex education?

A: "Sexuality education" is not only limited to the knowledge of health education and understanding of gender diversity, but also how to deal with intimate relationships and the first taste of forbidden fruit, etc. It also needs to be guided and discussed.

Because of Section 21 of the Gender Equity Education Act, whenever a student is "suspected" of being sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, or sexually bullied, the school principal, teacher, staff member, or worker must notify the school within 24 hours. If the student is not asking about purely sex-related health education, but about consensual sex with someone he or she likes, and wants to talk to a teacher, he or she must tactfully avoid the identity of the person in question, otherwise the teacher will be forced to report and go through the administrative process once he or she learns that the minor student has engaged in consensual sex.
In contrast, when students want to seek help from teachers, the hidden pressure from both sides indirectly compresses the space for sexuality education.

In addition to legal measures, is it more important to teach minor children about sex education and emotional education during their growth process? (For reference: Su Qianling.What the two youngsters need is education(Mandarin Daily, 2017/6/1)

Q7. Does the main discussion of gender diverse relationships and issues listed (e.g., open relationships, recreational drug use, polyP, BDSM, etc.) mean that the Alliance supports these issues? Are you afraid that raising these controversial issues will be distorted or taken out of context by the ADL and will limit the space for gender equality education in schools?

A: The Taiwan LGBT march has always been a platform, hoping that diverse relationships and issues can be seen and discussed, especially marginalized, minority, stigmatized but real groups/issues. The Rally does not hold pro or con views, but adheres to the principle of being a platform and advocates for a friendly society where diverse differences can be presented and discussed.

The following is a summary of the events of the year in which the "Sexual Peace Law" was obstructed by the Transformation League.

2008Auxiliary University School of Theology opposes "sexual equality law" to protect the right of pregnant students to be taught, and should be withdrawn according to the religious position
2011The "Taiwan True Love Alliance" blocked the "Gender Equality Education" syllabus and related teaching materials from entering schools, and spread discriminatory and false rumors through various channels, such as public hearings on the syllabus held by the Ministry of Education, online platforms, and emails, causing panic in the society. "Chronology of the "True Love Alliance Incident https://goo.gl/U30LzRight-wing Christian kidnapping policy is the biggest obstacle to gender equality education https://goo.gl/9XL9f
2011/10/30The day after the Taiwan gay parade, Yang jumped to his death. The Fall of Another Rose Boy https://goo.gl/S1RHSZ
2012/4/17Sexual equality syllabus delayed for a long time Gay situation survey Nearly 60% were injured by others https://goo.gl/EU1kzt
2013/11/30"The Taiwan Family Protection Alliance (TFPA) launched the "1130 National Rally on Kaido" to oppose the first reading of the "Equal Rights in Marriage Bill" on 2013/10/25. A number of incidents of detention of personal freedom occurred on the scene https://goo.gl/5e5mBp
2014The Ministry of Education (MOE) released the "Gender Equality Education Committee List", and Professor Tseng Pin-Chieh (Department of Finance and Economics, CKSU) and Associate Professor Ding Xue-Yin (Department of Early Childhood Education, Hsinchu University of Education, and member of the Taiwan True Love Alliance), who had made discriminatory remarks against gays and lesbians, were on the list. At that time, the Ministry of Education (MOE) believed that the Committee on Gender Equality Education should not only have members who "recognize gender equality" but also members who "do not recognize gender equality" in order to listen to "diverse voices" and "take into account different positions" in policy. The Ministry of Education, as a professional representative, has misinterpreted the meaning of "pluralism and diversity", which not only puts the democratic value of "separation of church and state" in jeopardy, but also takes the lead in allowing malice to run rampant. Yang Qiaoling: How can an anti-same-sex activist become a member of the Sexual Peace Commission? https://goo.gl/QLYkLZ
2015/10-1212 years of national education curriculum - public hearings around the battle
2016/8/24Mechanical audition involves sex discrimination, NTU fined $30,000
2016/12/5All Saints United: Sexuality education is necessary for age-appropriate learning https://goo.gl/pJRtVQ Please refer to Question 5 of this Q&A
2016/12/9Twenty years of sex education: Conservative groups continue to smear sex education, and gender groups call for the inclusion of sex education in the 12-year national education curriculum.https://goo.gl/k4Pd5M
2017/3/28Sexual equality teaching materials sparked a war in Kaohsiung for and against the same https://goo.gl/d7SXJf
2017/6/21Announcement of "Notice of Publicly Recommended Practices for Members of the Committee on Gender Equality Education, Ministry of Education" comes into effect.
2017/6/27Wang Xin Yi's "Sexual Equality Proposal" failed to make it through the gates yesterday and the committee removed the "higher" participation rights https://goo.gl/zd1Cq1
2017/7The government of Yunlin County issued a public document to all elementary and middle schools in Yunlin County, requesting the exclusion of gender diversity awareness teaching materials and the removal of "gender spectrum" content. See the report.Politics override profession? Yunlin County bans teaching 'gender diversity awareness' https://goo.gl/gY1dTM
2017/9/3~11/4The National Institute of Education (NIE) will hold public hearings on the draft 12-year National Education Social Studies Curriculum Framework in various places. At present, in Hualien County and Kaohsiung City, the public hearings have been dominated by an army of parents who are anti-social allies in the name of parents, and who have given discriminatory speeches that deviate from the theme.

Q10. Currently, it seems that sex education is only taught in schools, where should I go to learn if I have left school?

A: Currently, gender-only (pseudo) sex education and marriage programs and advocacy are still the mainstream. Outside of schools, there are limited channels for diverse sexuality education, mostly through lectures and courses given by gender-friendly groups or community colleges, and a few corporations hold internal training and lectures. In retrospect, although the Sexuality Law has stipulated that diverse sexuality education must be implemented from the central to the local level, why is the educational environment on campus still subject to oppression and harassment by the deformed alliance? Not to mention the lack of resources outside the campus!

For young people, institutional education is only the first step in promoting and implementing sex education, and more diverse and friendly channels are needed. For example, the youth centers in Sweden are widely available, so that young people can be well informed and prepared for sex, and because young people can be trusted and respected in the centers, they are willing to seek help if they encounter difficulties (see: Chin-Ling Su, "Sexuality Education in Sweden").What the two youngsters need is education(Mandarin Daily, 2017/6/1).[Back]

Lastly, the Alliance has long been concerned about the impact of legal regulation and enforcement on sexually diverse communities. However, the law is only a protection of basic rights, not a panacea, not to mention that there are often many flaws or shortcomings in the process of implementing the law into policy. As a platform, we hope to focus on the small but profound cries buried in mainstream society, culture and education, and to remind you and me to stay alert to the oppression of these issues by pointing them out. We hope that the diversity of life does not only stop at the freedom and freedom of expression on the day of the march, but also that we can blossom equally, freely and coolly and live peacefully every day outside the march.

In the current school system, these seemingly sensational issues may indeed be discredited and pressured by the Transformation League in the same way that they have been taken out of context. However, avoiding the issue does not make the VA disappear, but rather limits the opportunity to discuss it, and deprives the possibility of "opening up" the space for sexuality education. In addition, if advocacy outside the school can open up more space, it will also influence the discussion of teachers and students on campus from the outside in, which will help the society as a whole to develop in the direction of "everyone needs sex education".

Q8. Do parents and teachers need to learn about sex education in order to educate their children?

A: The Alliance advocates that "everyone needs sexuality education" and that everyone can learn about sexuality education as the main body, so as to create a friendly and comfortable social atmosphere together.

For parents or teachers, in the face of the increasingly complex social environment and children's questions, it is more important to understand the challenges brought by the environment and accompany children to learn and grow together, so as to avoid the miserable youth of the domination of ascendancy; in addition, in the workplace, it is possible to avoid various kinds of workplace bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment caused by differences, and create true equality through the establishment of a pluralistic vision.

Q9. Since the spirit of gender equality education is to respect all kinds of identities and allow pluralism to co-exist, regardless of conservative, middle-of-the-road or radical ideas, all of them have their own reference value, then why does the YMCA keep pointing out the fallacies of the operation against the deformed alliance?

The second subheading of the main argument, "Rejecting Pseudo-Friendly Sexuality Education," follows the original article below. To put it simply, the tolerance of pluralistic ideas is what makes a democratic society valuable, but it should not exclude or discredit positions that differ from one's own. However, the perverted alliance has always trampled on the rights of others at will, and "truth is the only thing that counts".

(Quoted from the official website of Taiwan Gay and Lesbian March)

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