Taiwan LGBT March 2014 Theme and Spirit

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Embracing sex/gender/identity differences


1. from recognition to difference -

Recognition involves a group (and an individual) defining what kind of self? Why and how is this self defined? Over the years, creating or pursuing a sunny, proud, and positive image of gay people has been a strategy for many gay people to seek mainstream recognition and declare their intention to leave obscurity and silence: the "it gets better" campaign launched in the United States in 2010 and followed by Taiwan promised young people that gay people would be free from ridicule, discrimination, and bullying every day.[Note 1]In the past two years, the gender groups have organized a number of group appearances in conjunction with the implementation of the same-sex marriage movement.[Note 2]Many gay celebrities have come out of the closet and declared the importance and significance of coming out of the closet, and we can see that most of these appearances have a similar look of confidence and farewell to the darkness.[Note 3].  
In the above-mentioned activities and declarations, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and other sexual minorities are encouraged to open the closet, but on the other hand, there are still many dark closets branded with different sexual stigmas, so that the people in the closet are bound and tied by moral and legal chains in terms of their rights and their choice of whether or not to expose their identities. For example, at last year's gay rally, there were groups holding signs saying "I am proudly gay, not a sex refugee" and posters saying "I am gay, I don't do drugs". This phenomenon forces us to reflect: does the recognition and support of a single image crowd out differences that do not fit that image?

2. there is "other" in "sex" -

The process of promoting same-sex marriage not only reinforces a sunny, proud, and positive image of identity, but what is a good sexual and emotional connection? What should be condemned? For example, groups such as the Family Protection League questioned that same-sex marriage would lead to multiple marriages, "free interbreeding," and other forms of "sexual liberation.[Note 4]Some of the proponents of the amendment have sought to make it clear that same-sex marriage is not "sexual liberation" without asking what is wrong with "sexual liberation". Why is it the target of attacks and stigmatization by opponents?[Note 5]What is the problem? One article even says, "Let gays get married, let them be bound by marriage, let them be subject to the same adultery charges as heterosexuals, and let them have a regular sexual partner..."[Note 6]This statement is similar to the Alliance for the Protection of the Family (APF)'s advocacy of monogamy and its denial of non-monogamous sexual practices and intimate relationships, regardless of the differences between heterosexual and same-sex couples. "The proposal of "pluralistic family" was originally intended to promote same-sex marriage, partnership, and multiple family members in the hope that "family" would consist of more intimate relationships and emotional connections.
For example, the crime of adultery prohibits marital spouses from having sex with a third party. In the past two to three years, there have been several cases of sexual and intimate acts in public spaces that have been punished by judicial officers or the media under the crimes of public indecency and indecency.[Note 7]If a person is caught having recreational drug sex, he or she will be sentenced to different degrees of criminal liability under the Drug Endangerment Prevention and Control Act for administering, possessing, or transferring legal "drugs", etc. As the public's understanding of drug sex often rests on "prohibited by law = wrong", who is harmed by the use of drugs? How to reduce the harm (especially the risk of infection)? Did the police violate the human rights of drug users during the investigation process (e.g., the 2004 Nongan Party incident)? These questions have not been adequately discussed.

3. "Gender" and the various categories of "gender" -

Some people's "sex" is considered unhealthy, illegal, and immoral, while others have their "sex" either banned or ignored because they are not in an adult, healthy physical state. The penalty is the same as aggravated assault.[Note 8]In addition, the current care for the physically and mentally handicapped, and the guardianship of children[Note 9]In this regard, it is not uncommon for a person to be treated as an incomplete actor in a way that is "asexual" and ignores his or her sexual needs and rights. For example, men who have sex with men are considered by the Department of Health to be a "high-risk group" for HIV transmission and are explicitly prohibited from donating blood. The Department of Public Health responded that the potential for HIV transmission was taken into account when considering "homosexual contact".[Note 10].
In addition to physical differences, we also need to examine how sex/gender is related to class, nationality, and racial differences ("gender") and power relations, especially as "poverty" and "economic inequality" become more and more important issues, and "how are national resources distributed? For example, while married couples are entitled to financial benefits such as childcare subsidies and joint tax exemptions, will non-heterosexual couples and those who cannot, cannot, or do not want to marry be excluded from these benefits, creating a relative deprivation of resources? In addition, the AIDS bill passed by the Executive Yuan this year is expected to return funding for AIDS medication to health insurance, with those infected having to partially pay for their own medication after two years. Will it reduce the treatment rate for infected patients? Infected people's rights groups question this[Note 11].
The government not only has the power to allocate state resources, but also has the judicial and police powers to decide which jobs are proper and which are not. In September this year, a male massage parlor was punished by the police under the Social Order Maintenance Act, which brought the time back 17 years. Why is this sex work illegal? What kind of sexual moral judgment is involved? Are the people who lost their jobs able to change their career paths? Or will they be trapped in a more impoverished state?

4. Embracing: Seeing the power relationship between "differences

In the gay community, the word "embrace" is often interpreted as self-identification, recognition and acceptance by mainstream society, but can every gender identity really escape the closet, embrace itself and be respected and recognized by others? In the previous article, we have seen that many "sexual/gender underclass" who do not fit into a sunny, healthy, positive image, and who do not fit into a single fixed sexual partnership, are suffering from all kinds of moral and even legal oppression - only by "seeing" this kind of sexual oppression and oppressed sexual stigmatization can we avoid gayness when talking about "embracing sexuality/gender". Only by "seeing" this kind of sexual oppression and oppressed sexual stigmatized group, when talking about "embracing sex/gender", can we avoid that gay people always present themselves as one and seek approval.
To "see" is not just to recognize the existence of sexual/gender stigmas, but also to consider who and what creates these sexual stigmas. --For example, the stigmatization of the sexual rights of infected people comes from ignorance about the mechanisms of HIV transmission and risk assessment; in addition, we should continue to ask: What are the power relations between different sexual/gender groups? Is there an inequality in the attention and resources given to different gender issues? Why not? --Is the gay community, for example, so focused on same-sex marriage issues that it is relatively neglectful of other gender issues?
We have thrown out a lot of questions in this article, and we hope you will consider them as invitations - just as the LGBT Pride invites you to come together on the day of the rally to express your concerns, positions, and disagreements, we also invite you who are reading this article to think about, respond to, and even debate the various questions in this article. (Quoted from the website of 2014 Taiwan LGBT Pride Taiwan LGBT Rally Alliance)


[Note 1]: "It Gets Better" was started by American gay writer Dan Savage and his partner, who, in response to the number of young American gay men who committed suicide after being abused in 2010, solicited a number of videos through platforms such as Youtube, with the aim of sending a message to young gay men that "everything will get better" and preventing suicides from happening again. In the same year in Taiwan, Wang also launched a similar project and assembled 17 videos.
[Note 2]: For example, on May 17, the same day as the International Day Against Terrorism, the event was launched with the slogan "Gays and lesbians in all walks of life", and on the day of the event, many people confidently held up the slogan of their "sexual identity" in a joint press release of the co-organizers stating that the event was a response to the "major setbacks and obstacles" to gay rights in Taiwan, such as "conservative religious groups frequently use various means to suppress the implementation of gay education and the promotion of gay For example, "conservative religious groups have frequently suppressed the implementation of LGBT education and the promotion of LGBT marriage rights, attempting to force LGBT people back into the dark closet. For example, "conservative religious groups are frequently suppressing the implementation of LGBT education and the promotion of LGBT marriage rights by various means, trying to force LGBT people back into the closet.http://hotline.org.tw/news/420.
[Note 3]: For example, in the July issue of LEZS magazine's "My Coming Out Manifesto" series, writer Chen Xue said, "Coming out of the closet has given her a more comfortable life", while another writer, Chen Kehua, said, "Coming out of the closet is like a sudden brightening of a dark and boring world". The introductory article states that people have an urgent inner desire to "express their true nature without fear", and then the article continues: "Unfortunately, there is still a lot of discrimination in society for cool people around the world. The article goes on to say, "Unfortunately, for cool people around the world, there is still a lot of discrimination in society, especially when bills related to gay marriage and couples are promoted, the opposition from the religious community makes many LGBT people wonder if we are seen by many people as aliens and not worthy of the rights of a 'human being'.
[Note 4]: 〈Gay Marriage and Multiple Marriages〉, Taiwan Guardian of the Family official website.https://taiwanfamily.com/?page_id=40
[Note 5]: Yat-ting Chen, "Sexual moral defense line drastically pulls anti-diversity into family 擠爆凱道," Bitter Labor Network, 2013/12/01.http://www.coolloud.org.tw/node/76525
[Note 6]: Reprinted from Lin Shunde, "With "Love" Entrance, "Home" Times Repayment," 20140103 Sex / Don't be at Home: The 12th Sexual Rights Forum.http://bit.ly/XGxndH
[Note 7]: In the past two to three years, there have been numerous cases of convictions for sex in public spaces. In the 2012 train party incident, the organizer was sentenced to six months in prison in the first trial for "sexual intercourse in a medium for profit" because he had a surplus of $49, which led sex rights groups to question the judicial persecution out of moral judgement. Although they were not prosecuted, many media outlets have found that they should be punished for public indecency or obstruction of decency. In addition to the incidents that appeared in the media and resulted in jail sentences, videos of intimate acts in public spaces such as classrooms and public transportation have also been widely circulated on Facebook, not only violating the privacy of the people involved, but also being subjected to moral attacks by many retweeters. With the proliferation of cell phone cameras, everyone but the government can be a spy on each other.
[Note 8]: A specific example can be seen in the March 2013 case of Mr. Feng, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison in September of that year after media reports of "bad behavior" and "drug inducement" were scattered throughout the case. The sentence was based on Article 21 of the AIDS law, which states: "Anyone who knowingly engages in dangerous behavior or shares needles, fluids, or containers with another person, knowing that he or she is infected, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of not less than five years and not more than twelve years. The current public opinion and the law put the fault and guilt on the infected person, but is the infected person in an environment where he or she can generously explain his or her infection? Does the public have enough information to be able to avoid infection? --If the current society does not have these conditions, is it only the infected who should share the risks and faults? For a related discussion, see Chuang, "Too Heavy to Say 'Intentionally' - A Medical Practitioner Looks at the Impact of Section 21 of the AIDS Ordinance on Epidemic Prevention," Human Rights Newsletter, 2013.7.
[Note 9]: The passage of Article 29 of the Children's Law has led to many controversies over phishing and censorship of "sexual" expression on the Internet. Critics argue that such over-enforcement not only further restricts freedom of expression, but also prohibits and denies children's sexual autonomy.
[Note 10]: 〈Discrimination! Famous fertility center even rejects gay donor eggs〉, Apple Daily, 2014.09.09
[Note 11]: 〈The State Council amended the law! HIV treatment to be partially covered by health insurance Compulsory HIV testing for the injured," NOWnews, 2014.04.03

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Kuma Ball 300
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2014 Pre-trip photo requisition-Hug Difference, Hug World

Survival is a right!Igniting the Sea of Life
After the Austrian bearded drag queen won the song contest, there was a polarization between supporters and detractors, with some praising the drag queen's bravery and others criticizing with irritating comments.

Hey! You know what? Because of the differences between people, there is a constant drama of discrimination in all corners of society, some hold on while others fall.

The theme of this year's 2014 Taiwan LGBT march, "Embracing Sexuality and Difference," is expected to present different voices, different looks, and different groups through the use of photos.

It allows each other to see, hear, and know the different faces of the society. In addition to homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism, there are also individuals with disabilities, infected people, sex workers, and so on.
Come on! Stand out for more people to see! Hug Difference, Hug World together!

Event Time: Now ~ 2014/10/25 (Sat)

Attention those who attend the event! From now until 9/30, you will have a chance to appear in the 12th Taiwan LGBT Parade 2014!

I. Let's think about how to show the difference? (There are templates at the end of the article for reference)

Second, the design of everyone's POSE, showing their different differences or to resolve the confrontation (show or not show your face are OK!)

3. The logo and slogan of the event "2014 Hug Difference, Hug World" of the Alliance for the Showtime Bay Gay Pride Parade (Event signage image files: PDF files, photo files), you can ......

  1. Printed on paper and included in the mirror
  2. Download to pad or cell phone to enter the mirror together
  3. We would like to paint logos and slogans on our bodies, or line up logos with crowds, and present logos in the most creative way.

In short, try to make [Hug Difference, Hug World ! ] sign in your photo

Write down the photo caption (reference concept below) and post it on the Taiwan LGBT Rally Facebook page [Hug Difference, Hug World ! ] event page!

  1. What are the differences between you and the subject (or subjects) you are photographing?
  2. Shooting location - let everyone know the meaning of choosing this place to take pictures
  3. Ideas you want to convey - what you (or you) want to tell people .....


  1. Please pay attention to copyright issues (accidentally into the mirror of the handsome and beautiful photos please save their own oh)
  2. In order to avoid disturbance of the event due to the Facebook censorship mechanism, please help to pay attention to the scale of the photos.
  3. Before uploading photos, please check if you have all the photos and descriptions so that your ideas can be conveyed completely!


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