Taiwan LGBT March 2013 Theme and Spirit

Image Source:2013 Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Alliance official website

Seeing Homosexuality 2.0


This year's theme is "Seeing Homosexuality 2.0 - Confronting Sexual Refugees, Fighting for Support". The march alliance used the theme of the first march, "Seeing Homosexuality", for two important reasons.

1. Looking back on the ten years of the march, the sexually diverse community is still subject to various forms of oppression.

Since 2003, when the Gay and Lesbian March in Taiwan called out "Seeing Homosexuality," the annual rallies and themes have sought to create a dialogue with the community and society, but looking back on this decade, the oppression of the sexually diverse community in society has not stopped [Appendix I].

2. To face up to "homosexuality" and not to let the unisex "gay" obscure the diversity of love and sex

The term "gay" originally referred to like-minded people, but later became almost synonymous with "homosexual" and has evolved to become LGBTQIA.[1]The term "LGBTQIA" is a generic term for communities such as the LGBTQIA community. However, the gender-neutral term "gay" sounds good, works well, and is easy to say, but it also obscures the way people see LGBTQIA relationships and sexuality. Even though people say that society is becoming more progressive and open, and that LGBTQIA people are more visible in their lives, there is a lack of understanding of the sexual and emotional patterns of LGBTQIA people.[2]The society still has a negative perception.

Taiwanese society and laws only protect and promote the value of "male-female distinction, monogamy, and lifelong love". This value includes not only the requirement of sexual preference and sexual expression, but also the requirement of sexual orientation and gender temperament. The value of "non-marital sex, non-reproductive sex, non-one-to-one sex, non-vanilla sex[3]Sexuality is often hidden, obscure, and forbidden by the moral high ground, and is not only unable to be allocated any resources, discussed or expressed, but is even subject to social oppression and legal punishment. Any sex that deviates from this value does not meet the subjective imagination and expectations of society.
Why must an individual's sexual preferences, choices, and expressions conform to the expectations of society? When they fail to do so, they become victims of the social system.

We collectively refer to such refugees as "sexual refugees". In addition to facing public prejudice, unkind comments, and remarks, sexual refugees are disregarded in national policy, criminalized in the courts, and deprived of resources for survival. At best, they may lose their jobs, be displaced from their homes, or end their lives as a result of the media scrutiny [Appendix II]. Every person in a sexually diverse community is a sexual refugee, subject to blame, oppression, discrimination, suppression of self, and loss of resources because of their sexuality. Sexual refugees who do not meet societal expectations and are oppressed are not just LGBTQIA communities, but also heterosexuals.

Sexual refugees suffer because of the punitive value standards provided by Taiwanese society. Society allows each individual to have different preferences and decisions in different areas, such as food, clothing, occupation, and friendships. While the individual's evaluation of these aspects is not regulated by society, the plurality of sexual preferences and decisions are bound by law and society.

Similarly, there are many cases of unequal distribution of resources in Taiwanese society, and there are victims of oppression in every direction. For example, the leprosy stigma that was used to isolate patients and was eventually seen as a hindrance to development, the demolition of the Wang family in Shilin under the urban renewal project, the destruction of the Tai Po and Nantun Catholic churches in Miaoli by strange hands under the guise of development, the sacrifice of the Huaguang community in the family village due to economic development, the workers who were forced to lie down again due to the wavering policies of the Labor Affairs Commission, and the sexual-only law that created penalties for both prostitution and prostitution and forced construction even though the EIA was withdrawn. The government has been trying to get a better understanding of the situation. The state's laws and regulations and public opinion have created oppression and stigma, and despite the people's efforts to fight against it, they are still refugees under the social system.

Sexual refugees and refugees from all walks of life are sacrificed to the violence of the social system, and the power of the individual is small. But because we all have the experience of oppression and discrimination, we can and should join forces with each other to fight against the violent structures of the social system.

The theme of the 11th Gay and Lesbian March 2013, "Seeing Homosexuality 2.0 - Confronting Sexual Refugees, Fighting for Support," hopes to unite with refugees who are oppressed by the violence of the social system and come out to fight against it. Not only do we see and face up to us, but we also want to fight against the unjust social system, so that resources can be distributed fairly and justly!
We have become each other's support and strength by tying up, fighting and supporting each other! (Quoted from the website of the 2011 Taiwan LGBT March Coalition)


Schedule I

  • In 2003, after the first LGBT march, "Seeing Homosexuality," Taipei City Council members proposed in the Council that public sector funding should not support LGBT activities.
  • In 2005, the Department of Health listed men who have sex with men and sex workers as non-donors.
  • In 2006, the fourth annual gay and lesbian march "Let's Go Home" was opposed by city councilors and conservative forces because of its theme of family.
  • In 2009, the seventh gay march, "Gay Love is Big," was held a week before the march, and there was an anti-gay march.
  • In 2010, the Taipei City Department of Education sent official documents to all countries, high schools and colleges, asking schools to prevent homosexuals from luring students into gay social activities under the guise of clubs.
  • In 2011, the original implementation of the Gender Equality Education Curriculum was postponed due to opposition from religious figures in the name of parents and in the form of a subtle, voiceless approach.
  • In 2013, conservative religious groups formed a coalition to oppose the companionship bill push.

Schedule II

  • Tian Qiyuan was deprived of his teaching rights due to HIV infection.
  • He also dared to go to the bathroom during class time because he was afraid of bullying and eventually died in the school bathroom.
  • Cross-gender (MTF)[4]) Employees were required not to wear women's clothing, not allowed to go to the women's bathroom, and were illegally terminated.
  • The Trainwreck incident received significant media coverage, leaving the public looking for ways to convict the organizers even if they couldn't find the law.
  • Whether on the Internet or in life, those who distribute erotic texts or pictures are in violation of Article 29 of the Children's Law and Article 235 of the Penal Code.
  • Even if a person engages in sex trafficking, even if he or she is consensual and acts confidentially, it is still a violation of good morals and Article 80 of the Social Security Act.

Tour Map

10/26(Sat) 14:00 Taipei City Hall Renai Plaza departure

2013 Taiwan Gay Pride Rally Re-statement

After a careful meeting and discussion, the Taiwan LGBT March Coalition decided to issue the following statement to express our position on the topic of the march and the content of the lecture that has aroused reactions and discussions within the community.

1. The main axis of the march: speaking out for the diversity of sexual refugees

The overall tone of the theme of the Taiwan LGBTQ Alliance for the March (hereinafter referred to as the March) is very directly focused on the daily situation of most gay people: Can you introduce your partner to all your friends, family and colleagues, or ask them to introduce you to a partner? When you need surgery, if your partner is of the same sex, can he or she sign a consent form for you as a family member or spouse? Will you be free to go about your daily life dressed in the gender and image you desire? Can you legally inherit each other's heritage? Do you not have anything to hide about "sex" that you are forced to hide?

From these perspectives, we are all part of a broad spectrum of "sexual refugees," and even though most of us are not necessarily subject to immediate life-threatening persecution as "refugees" in international and human rights discourse, we hope that the situation of "refugees" we share because of our sexual identities can be understood and engaged with by each other, so that we can all work together for the many rights and interests of "sexual refugees" who have to hide themselves in different spheres of life, such as family, dating, work, politics, etc., because of their sexual orientation. It is our hope that we can speak out together for the many rights and interests of those who have to hide themselves in the family, dating, work, and political spheres of life, or who are treated differently or even expelled because of their sexual identity.

2. Rally Alliance Forum: Presenting the Diversity of LGBT People

On the eve of this year's rally, the Rally Alliance organized a lot of forums and activities about the rally, and there were three large-scale ones:

1. To illustrate the history of the march in Taiwan, together with the screening of the film, how the march started and what the differences are from the beginning to the present.

The same, and possible future directions

2. to discuss the whole social atmosphere in the context of the current sexual minority situation: including sex education and true love alliance, and gender issues in life education,

The situation of foreign infected persons in Taiwan, the problem of universal screening, and the autonomy of young people's sexuality in school

3. Sexual subjects that are currently punished by the state: recreational drug use, BDSM practitioners, sex workers, and those that have caused the most discussion and backlash

It is the issue of recreational drug use.

After the report in the newspaper, some netizens misunderstood that the Rally Alliance supports recreational drug use, while others thought that the issue of recreational drug use and sex work was not a priority. In addition to recreational drug use and sex work rights, we also introduced the history of the march, invited frontline workers to share gender education and gay youth issues, and explored how AIDS policies affect the rights of gay couples. Unfortunately, it seems that these topics were only discussed in the aftermath for recreational use, and in some cases, misunderstandings, confusion, and backlash from some of our friends may have been misrepresented or exaggerated. This is definitely not the original intention of the Tour Alliance.

The capacity limit and position of the Alliance

On the other hand, even the participating members have different stances on various controversial issues, but there is at least one consensus among the whole marching coalition: we cannot deprive the space to voice or discuss the issues. If there is not even this basic freedom of speech and a little space for discussion, then maybe the LGBT movement will be as scary as some closed-minded conservative Christian groups that are desperately trying to kill dissidents.

In the past two years, many parents and religious groups have fiercely opposed the bill, clutching at emotional words like "homosexuality" and "loss of family values" whenever they hear about it. And no matter what theoretical or practical evidence is presented, it is hard to shake these people's beliefs because they are so afraid and angry that they no longer want to know about the world and what it is like to live with different people. The bottom line of the Rally's campaign is to respect the right to speak out on all issues and to provide an arena for a pluralistic minority to speak out.

Provide space for voices and discussions on various issues

Some people may question why the Rally Alliance has to touch on such a controversial issue. In fact, in the 10-year history of the Taiwan LGBT march, it has always provided a platform for voicing and communicating controversial issues that are not normally discussed.

We must clarify that this is not the first time that the Rally Alliance has dealt with drug-related issues. Take Big Bing (2012 Rainbow Ambassador) as an example: Big Bing is an artist who has always been an enthusiastic and unconditional sponsor of the Rally Alliance's stage performances. He also thanked Big Bing for always providing a lot of good jokes to heat up the atmosphere of the audience on stage. (Please refer to the memorial article written by the 2011 march's leader, Ah Chieh, on the occasion of Tai Bing's death: "The Love and Shame of a Costumed Diva") The gay movement has gradually developed in the context of freedom and equality, and we believe that certain issues related to the gay community, even if they are controversial, should be respected and given a voice.

V. Welcome to bring your own issues to the march

We all dream of happiness and pursue it on a practical level. We hope that on the road of campaigning for LGBT rights, we can see each other's differences and tolerate diverse issues, be more understanding and tolerant, and less judgmental and critical. I think of my late partner, Mrs. Kyo Hiroshi Betty (Head of the Cultural and Publicity Team of the League in 2011 and Rainbow Ambassador in 2012), who once said, "We come out today because we come out with our own issues. I don't want to be just a silly person who doesn't want to think about anything and wait to be endorsed, so I'll always be a high-flying, charming and beautiful costume queen. You can reject C and be afraid of women, but you can't deny that I'm in the movement and even in the forefront of discrimination and violence with my physical body. Perhaps, we humbly stand in our place and pursue happiness ahead, while seeing differences and tolerating each other. Or maybe before we rush to blame each other, we can throw out more situations for each other to see, and then stand firm on our own feet and work on our own concerns, and maybe a common future is not so far away.

Tour groups

RedTaiwan Gay and Lesbian Advice Line Association, Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Advice Line Association Southern Office, Rainbow Flag, Shishu University Sexuality Club & Shishu University Humanities Society, Chung Hsing University Gender Culture Research Society, T&G Lazi Community, Taiwan Medical Students Association Sexual Health Promotion Department, Promisers Christian Action League, LEZS Magazine/Women's Country Party, M cubic, Taiwan Lesbian and Gay Lesbian Association, Taiwan Taiwan Association for Gender Unspecified Care, International Intersex Organization-Chinese Edition, Taiwan Red Ribbon Foundation, Taiwan Red House Gay Community Service Center - GisneyLand Red House, North District Gay Service Center - GisneyLand Windy City, KQF & KSCRC
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2013 Pre-tour Forum - National Sexual Refugees - Claiming a Gender-Friendly Future

September 29 YWCA 401
Moderator: Chi Wai (Social Worker Director of LGBTQIA)
Speaker Information: Fan Shun-Yuan (Taiwan AIDS Care Association/Case Manager) Yeh Jia-Yu (Taiwan AIDS Rights Association/Social Worker) Hu Min-Hua (Head Counselor, Luo Dong High School/Executive Secretary, Life Education Center, Ministry of Education) Wang Li-Jing (Department of Education, Pingtung University of Education/Taiwan Gender Equality Education Association) Lu Chang-Hsien (Former Counselor/Currently Single Freedom Worker) Former counselor/now single freelance helper)

We thought a gender-friendly society had arrived, but in fact, from the inclusion of gay education in the syllabus to the blocking of the Diversity in Couples Act, the daily discrimination against the gay community has been repeatedly highlighted and even accompanied by the complicity of the state policy. While "gays" can march proudly, there is a group of "sexual refugees" who cannot get out of the country because of the violence of the state system and cannot even grow up in time to see their future.

  • Is the comprehensive screening policy of No One Left Behind a medical resource or a public health vampire?
  • Is the abduction of gay minors by older gay men to become infected a news fact or a country legend?
  • Why does Taiwan continue to expel foreign infected workers and mandate screening of blue-collar migrant workers in a supposedly civilized country?
  • Gay education syllabus on hold, True Love Coalition closing in, where does gender education go?
  • How can family ethics in life education, which is held by religious beliefs, support a gender-friendly space?
  • When gender equality education in schools is limited to sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention, and youth disputes over emotional distress are always mandatorily reported as sexual assault, where is the autonomy of children's sexuality?

Aids for the situation X Gay/Life education X Teenage eroticism. How should we understand the three issues under the stumbling and mistakes of the national policy? How to act?

2013 Pre-Tour Forum-Who's Watching the Sexually Degraded Refugees-Scene of Desire of the Sexually Bound Spirit

Oct. 13 NTU Alumni Hall
Participants: Chung Kwan-chu (staff member of Nissen Association), Little D (member of the Leather Rope Abuse Group), and Chan Pak-ho (volunteer of the LGBTQ Advisory Hotline Sexual Rights Group).

Abstract :

The first of these is the "legalization" of sex work, which has been a stigma and discrimination against sex work for many years, and even the need for legalization. The company's main goal is to provide a platform for the development of the company's products.

Chung said that sex workers face a similar situation as gay people. Some people claim that they respect and do not discriminate against gay people, but their own children cannot be gay. She believes that in the past, the sex trade has gained some kind of acquiescence from the public and the government, but sex work has never been normalized to the people around them.

(Quoted from the website of Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Alliance)