Taiwan LGBT March 2012 Theme and Spirit

Image Source:2011 Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Alliance website

Marriage Affirmative Action‧Partnership Diversity


Countries have systems in place to protect gay and lesbian partnerships, from Domestic Partnerships, Civil Unions, to Same-Sex Marriage.
In Taiwan, in 1986, Jiay Wei petitioned the Legislative Yuan, and in 2000, he went to the court to apply for a civil marriage for gay couples but was refused, so he filed an objection with the court and appealed all the way from the Taipei District Court to the High Court, and finally applied for an interpretation of the constitution, but his application was not accepted because the documents did not match.
However, the report does not provide protection for the rights of same-sex couples (and non-married heterosexual couples), including the right to social security and other social protection measures, the right to tax concessions, the right to legal residence or immigration, retirement benefits, the right to work, the right to consent to surgery and invasive examinations or treatments, the right to medical visits, the right to participate in public life, the right to participate in cultural life, the right to an adequate standard of living, etc., and should be reviewed and improved. The Coalition for the Advancement of Couples' Rights points out that the report first emphasizes that Taiwan's welfare measures do not exclude the application of gender diversity, which is an attempt to mislead the suspicion that the legislation on welfare measures based on marriage and kinship status is inadequate, and that "various benefits" and "recognition of identity" should not be discussed separately. According to the spirit of the two conventions, there should be no discrimination on the basis of different status, and the issue of discrimination should be addressed first. The principle of progressive realization of the two conventions requires the government to do its best to protect the rights, but it is doubtful whether the 289 points have done their best.
In 1996, writer Hsu Yu-sheng and Ge Rui held the first public gay wedding in Asia at the Fuhua Hotel in Taipei, with a celebration of 40 tables. The activism of the Tong Family Association (Taiwan Association for the Promotion of Gay and Lesbian Family Rights) also demonstrated the diverse family look of the gay community raising the next generation. At the end of 2009, various gay and lesbian civic groups and NGOs such as Women's New Knowledge formed the Alliance for the Promotion of Couples' Rights in Taiwan. On July 31, 2009, the coalition officially announced that the draft amendment to the civil law had been revised after multiple consultations and public hearings, incorporating the opinions of all parties. The Coalition strongly urges the government to respond to the demands of gay marriage, couples' rights, and multi-person families.
Therefore, this march demands "equal rights to marriage" and the realization of the right to marry in the civil law.

In addition, the Coalition wants to examine the institutional, cultural, and social aspects of gender and class oppression that marriage entails. At the same time, the Alliance also emphasizes "partner pluralism" to break down reproductive-based family imaginaries and to enrich and affirm the possibility of various forms of cohesive and loving families. There should be many different models of family in life, and chaste marriage is only one of them. Its value should not be higher than that of other family models
(Quoted from Taiwan LGBT Pride 2012 Taiwan LGBT Rally Alliance website)

Tour Map


North Road Line

Kader Grand Boulevard → Zhongshan South Road → Qingdao East Road → Linsen South Road → Linsen North Road → Chang'an East Road → Zhongshan North Road → Nanjing East Road section → Linsen North Road → Linsen South Road → Renai Road section → Kader Grand Boulevard

South Road Line

Kader Grand Boulevard → South Zhongshan Road → Section 1 of Roosevelt Road → Section 2 of Roosevelt Road → Section 1 of Heping East Road → Section 2 of South Jinshan Road → Section 1 of South Jinshan Road → Section 2 of Renai Road → Section 1 of Renai Road → Kader Grand Boulevard

Asia's largest gay parade attracts more than 3,000 foreign friends

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The 2012 Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Parade Alliance launched the "Rainbow Seeds, Gardener Adoption" fundraising campaign. In addition, in Taipei or Kaohsiung, you can subscribe to the "10 Years of Good Health: Traveling with the Flower Season, Persuading Buy Booklet" to support the parade and gay stores simultaneously.
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Taiwan Alliance for the Promotion of Couples' Rights
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The 10th Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Parade 10/27 Post-Mortem Press Release

The number of participants in last year's march was about 50,000. This year, coinciding with the 10th year of fighting for "Revolutionary Marriage - Equal Rights in Marriage and Diversity in Couples", the number of marchers surpassed 65,000 and filled up the whole Kaido Plaza.

As Asia's largest gay and lesbian parade, this year there were more than 23 domestic media, 20 international media, as well as foreign gay and lesbian friends, groups and international media from 23 countries, etc. The conservative estimate of the YUMO is that there were more than 3,000 international people who came to Taiwan in October to participate in the gay and lesbian parade. The night before the march, Taipei streets and public transportation were filled with gay-friendly faces from all over the world. The number of participants from neighboring Asian countries, such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc., has also been steadily increasing year by year.

The largest tour in history

A total of 324 volunteers participated in this year's rally, working together to prepare and maintain the various tasks on the day of the rally, ensuring the smooth completion of the two-hour, two-route, nine-kilometer-long rally route and the nearly three-hour final stage program. The march also received more than 163 group registrations. It is worth noting that the number of student organizations, departments and student unions supporting gay and lesbian rights has increased greatly, including National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, National Tsing Hua University, Soochow University, Yilan University, and Ming Chuan University, etc. There were many straight gay and lesbian friends in the march, showing their friendly and straight power. This year, the number of companies participating in the march in the name of corporations has increased to include Goldman Sachs Asia Securities and other corporations, which shows that the gay-friendly culture of Taiwanese corporations is gradually developing. Amidst the songs of Gigi Leung and Huang Yaoming, two giant rainbow flags led all the teams side by side on the north-south route. Due to the large number of participants this year, four lanes were closed to accommodate the double route when it met back at Renai Road.

This year's three Rainbow Ambassadors not only had a live video to remember their predecessors, but one of the ambassadors, Bing Yu's younger brother, Mini Bing, also sang and played his own songs, and with Bing's costume video, he shed tears of sadness. At the same time, the "Red Ayas and Gold Powder" troupe member Lance, who was a member of the group founded by Big Bing, also brought a special dance by the costume queen. Veteran film critic Jing Xiang, who is over 70 years old, also came on stage today to encourage his comrades: "I have never had a cupboard in my life. Matthew Lane not only sang a warm rainbow song live, but also participated in a record of 10,000 hugs with his wife and children.

Suming and his young brothers from the Amis tribe brought together a powerful song and dance, hoping that the young people of the traditional tribe could also integrate into society, and the crowd responded enthusiastically to the Amis language teaching.

This year, many social movement groups took to the stage to link up and voice their anti-nuclear and anti-Miraiwan demands. All the participating groups, including 19 social movement groups, showed the most diverse affiliations ever, including the Huiguang Guide Dog Foundation, which welcomes non-monogamous families to join the ranks of foster families that nurture guide dogs, and non-gender groups such as animal protection, labor rights, and international human rights. Among them, the labor group will hold a march on Kaido next day (10/28), "The government is an asshole, the people of Taiwan are finished", calling on everyone to "let the eggs fly" and protest against the government's economic policies that are corrupt and ignore the growing anger of the public.

Later in the evening, Eileen Yang performed a wonderful song and dance show, which continued to bring enthusiastic support and blessings to the gay and lesbian marchers on Kaido at night.

2012 Gay and Lesbian pre-tour forum - Let's get married / unmarried - marriage / adultery sexual liberation

Time: 9/9 (Sun) 13:30~16:30
Location: Room 302B, NTU Alumni Hall (No. 1, Sec. 2, Sec. 1, Jinan Road, Taipei City, Taiwan)

Moderator: Dai-Oi 7th LGBTQ Parade Chief
Interviewer: Ball Gay Advice Line Multi-Couple Relationship Group Leader
Cui Ni, a researcher in heterosexual multiple partner relationships
Hsu, Hsiu-Wen, President of Taiwan Alliance for the Promotion of Couples' Rights, Lawyer
Director of the movie "Girlfriend*Boyfriend" by Ya-Che Yang

In late July, the LGBTQ community, represented by the Alliance for Companionship, introduced draft amendments to the Civil Code's Relatives section, including same-sex marriage, the companionship system, and multiple family members, in which same-sex marriage is legally regulated in the same way as heterosexual marriage. If you are a couple who chooses to enter into a same-sex marriage, are you worried that the current marriage system is unreasonable and will harm your relationship with each other in the future? Would "decriminalizing" adultery - keeping the state out of the relationship and not forcing people to bear the stigma of breaking the criminal law - and breaking up peacefully, make the relationship healthier and help reduce the cost to the state and society?

In addition to same-sex marriage, partnership and polygamy are "non-sexual/romantic" relationship systems. Does such an idea help lift the shackles of the marriage system? What reflections and insights do foreign and local experiences offer us? What are your expectations and worries?

You are cordially invited to come together to discuss, share, and reflect on: Can marriage be sexually liberating? Is "decriminalization of adultery" something that LGBTQ people should be concerned about? Besides marriage, how are couples and polygamy being called for and practiced?