Taiwan LGBT March 2011 Theme and Spirit

Image source:Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Alliance website

Rainbow conquest, discrimination get out!

Seeing Discrimination Again

In addition to legal and institutional inequalities, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender is still deeply rooted in the culture of society. Nowadays, discriminators have learned to pretend to be enlightened and respectful, but in the name of respect, they oppress gays and lesbians.'' It is therefore important for LGBTQ people to realize that such discrimination still exists and to take action so that the LGBTQ affirmative action movement can have a healthy and solid foundation.

Denying the existence of children and gay teens is discrimination

The unscientific myth of "same-sex intimacy" is widespread in academic and social circles, and completely denies the existence of gay children. In fact, the entire educational environment is predetermined to be heterosexual, and when gay and lesbian children begin to be enlightened about their sexuality, they lack support and positive affirmation, and are thus isolated and helpless. If children are not taught about multiple sexual orientations and gender diversity in elementary and secondary schools, and if the concept of equal rights is established for all sexual orientations and genders, it will have a negative impact on both gay and non-gay children. Prejudice and discrimination flow through the family and other channels, exposing gay children to the threat of isolation and bullying, while non-gay children miss out on opportunities to develop into healthy citizens because of discriminatory perceptions. (Quoted from the 2011 LGBT Parade Taipei LGBT Parade website)

Tour Map


For the first time this year, the parade adopted a dual route. The procession will be divided into two routes with six colors: "red, orange, yellow", "green, blue and purple".

The West team started in the order of red, orange and yellow:

Along the way: Kader Grand Avenue → Park Road → Huai Ning Street → Hengyang Road → Zhong Zhong Road → Hankou Street → Guanqian Road → Zhongxiao West Road → Zhongshan South Road → Kader Grand Avenue, about 4 km long

The East team started in the order of green, blue and purple:

Along the way: Kaita Grand Boulevard → Xinyi Road Section 1 → Jinshan South Road Section 2 → Heping East Road Section 1 → Roosevelt Road Section 1 → Zhongshan South Road → Kaita Grand Boulevard, about 4 km long

This year's three Rainbow Ambassadors, writer Guang-Yuan Feng and media worker An-Yi Chen, expressed their support for the LGBT community, and finally, singer Hang Chang offered his blessings in song.

Tour groups

RedTongguang Gay and Lesbian Presbyterian Church, Taiwan Caring Home Association, Transgender Resource Center, High School Uniform League, NTUGayChat, National Cheng Kung University, TO‧La Cool Society, JHU Social Work, Qing Jiao Tribal Ge BLG, Shih Hsin Flying Fish Gay Society, Chang Shih University, Soochow University, TABOO, Woman's Country - Fire Girl, EnjoySex Sexuality The "Sexuality," Taiwan Red Ribbon Foundation, Mom's best friends, the "Leather Rope," the "Fairy Harmony Association," the "GisneyLand," the "Windy City," the "ANIKi," and the "National Taiwan Ocean University," the "Ocean Cool Kids" club.
OrangeRainbow Play Festival" activity team, Central Cool Kids and Women's Culture Research Society, NK Station, Gay Mind Growth Workshop (Concentric Workshop), Taiwan University of Science and Technology G-Men's Club, Chinese Business Sea, Rainbow Paradise - Central District Gay Health Culture Center.
YellowHXproduction & Club JUMP, Chang Gung University Gender and Media Culture Program & Gender Issues Research Laboratory, National Taiwan University Student Association, Taiwan Alliance for the Promotion of Couples' Rights, Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Promotion Association, National Taiwan University Women's Studies Society, National Taiwan University Women's Studies Society, National Taiwan University Diversity Research Society - Gender Diversity Research Society.
GreenTaiwan Transgender Rights Action Association, Gay and Lesbian Gathering for the Hearing Impaired, Rainbow Pindo of S.H.U., Blackwater Gap Society of Fu Jen Catholic University, Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, Taiwan Gender Equality Education Association, Women's Bookstore, Green Party, Gathering Press, Rainbow Kids Companion Society of National Dong Hwa University, Social Workers Support Demon Group, Destiny, People's Boss Kai Kai Group, Zhongshan G.BI. La, Google The Gay and Lesbian Alliance, Kaohsiung, Malaysia, and Taiwan International Labor Association (TIWA).
BlueTaiwan Gay and Lesbian Counseling Hotline Association, Taiwan Human Rights Promotion Association, Caring Foundation, Animosa Animal Rights Group, Tung Wah Tong Yes Gender, Chi Lee Institute of Technology, Bi the Way, OTOKO Men's Boutique, ROOM CLUB, Department of Counseling and Business Psychology, Ming Chuan University Psychology of Sexuality Course Team 2, Shih Hsin University Gender Research Institute, Hualien Happy Rainbow Group, Oii-Chinese, Back Mountain Tour, Rainbow Heartland, Big Shirt Super Size, Amnesty International Taiwan Chapter.
PurpleBasic Bookstore, South Wind Together II, Scorpio, Friendly Straight, Anime Upward Promotion Association, Fu-Tung Hao, Coolzilla Society of CKSU, National Taiwan Normal University, Gender Equality Education Counseling Group, Lin Zitian Rainbow Warriors, and Sexuality Tan Society of National Taiwan Normal University.

Donation & Sponsorship

Donation Request Form:

*Small donations from ezpay since 2011, to 2017

HK Eddie20,000
Rice Paste200
Chen Jingxue1,069
Men's Time Trial Model Group2,550
Rainbow Ramona500
Association for the Advancement of Women's Rights1,000

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Leatherstud Leather Specialties
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Woman's Country
Taiwan Alliance for the Promotion of Couples' Rights
Gay Advice Line Gay and Lesbian Group
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Modern Women's Foundation LGBTQ Intimate Violence Services Program
Yoga Lounge
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Hercules Fitness Supplements

2011 International Day Against Terrorism and Transgender Day Against Terrorism : International Online Photo Exhibition

Charles Meacham, an international photographer, saw a photo of an anti-gay march in Taiwan in 2009. In 2009, Charles Meacham saw a photo of an anti-gay march against the conservative church in Taiwan, carrying a cross, which prompted him to travel to Taiwan to photograph the march. Taiwan was his first stop, and he has since visited LGBT rallies in Jerusalem, Sydney, Athens, Budapest, Vilnius, Bucharest, Zagreb, Istanbul, Minsk, Warsaw, Sofia, London, Moscow, Manila, and other cities.

Rather than commercialized, carnival-style photographs of marches in Eastern European and Asian cities, he chose images of Rainbow protests that still require resistance and a homophobic atmosphere. Through photojournalism, each highly charged photograph tells the story of the local Rainbow community's struggle against the national police, the conservative right, and conservative religions, as some are beaten, some are besieged, and some are confronted by neo-Nazis!

    On the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia International Connected Photo Exhibition was held in over 20 cities simultaneously, and the Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Alliance joined the event, exhibiting in six cities throughout Taiwan and holding seminars at the same time. In the midst of the conservative churches' campaign against gay and lesbian education in schools under the guise of the True Love Alliance, this exhibition is a way to raise awareness of the oppression and harm caused by homophobia and transphobia.

(Quoted from the website of Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Alliance)