Taiwan LGBT March 2003~2010 Theme and Spirit

History of the Gay Pride

March 1995   The "LGBT Workshop" organized a mini march to protest against the vilification of homosexuality in a research report by Professor Tu Sheng-chieh of the Institute of Public Health at National Taiwan University.

Dec. 1996 "Nearly 300 comrades shouted "Women want to walk at night, comrades want to walk at day".
November 1996The first public gay wedding in Taiwan on the 10th, Hsu Yu-sheng and Ge Rui held in Taipei Fuhua Hotel, wedding reception hall, hanging four six meters long rainbow flag. There were ten tables of representatives from gay and lesbian organizations in Taiwan, participating under the name of "Readers Association".

2000The first official Taipei Play Festival in Taiwan was held at the Warner Wiesu in Taipei's East District. From the second year onwards, due to the boycott by the Taipei City Council, it was not related to the Taipei Play Festival, and was organized by the Taiwan LGBT Parade Alliance, a spontaneous organization of the LGBT community in Taiwan, and was no longer an event of the Taipei Play Festival.

May 2002   A number of LGBTQ organizations organized a small march to the Ministry of Defense to protest the exclusion of gender identity disorder (LGBTQ) from the Gendarmerie Selection Implementation Plan.

2004In a discriminatory statement made by then Taipei City Councilor Wang Shih-kin, "the Gay and Lesbian Citizens' Movement held a march, which was extremely disgusting and taught the girls badly, and hurt the culture to the extreme". Wang believes that "99.9% of the population is overwhelmingly heterosexual" and that these "very few are polluting the space of the majority".
Wang Shih-kin went on to "affirm" that the Civil Affairs Bureau "did not sponsor the march" in 2004, and that the budget was reduced, but he still thought that "it is simply insane for the city to sponsor gay activities and to budget for the promotion of AIDS prevention and treatment", and he hoped that the Civil Affairs Bureau would promise that 2004 would be "the last budget for the gay civil movement".

The First "Seeing Homosexuality"

November 1, 2003

The route started from the new park (228 Park), a historical space for gay men and lesbians, and went to the red building square in Ximending, where nearly 500 people kicked off the Taiwan gay parade, the first gay parade held in the world's Chinese region.

The first Taiwan LGBT parade is one of the series of activities of the 4th Taipei LGBT Festival (organized by the LGBT Counseling Hotline Association).

The second "Raising Civic Awareness"

November 6, 2004

The route started from the CKS Memorial Hall, followed Zhongshan South Road, Jingfu Men, Kedagalan Avenue, Park Road, passed 228 Park/New Park, Hengyang Road, and arrived at the Red Mansion Square, with over 3,000 participants.

The main demand is: "Dissenting Citizens, Rainbow City, Fancy Subjects, and One Country".

This year's Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Parade was organized by the inter-organizational "Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Parade Coalition", which is represented by the six-color love logo. The spirit of the organization is

Rainbow Love: The six colors of the rainbow love. It is the most beautiful presentation of love and tolerance of our comrades

Body: Colorful petals. A colorful flower that symbolizes gender diversity

Middle star shape: The main body shines brightly. Individual life like a star glows and shines eternally

Six hearts and a ring: the ring of the Khloe. We love each other and connect with each other to make us closer together

The 3rd "One Heart, One Strength 101

October 1, 2005

The route started from Dunnan Eslite Bookstore, went through Zhongxiao East Road, and reached Taipei City Council Square, where nearly 5,000 people participated.

The main demand is to "work together to create a more pluralistic, equal and non-discriminatory living environment free of speech oppression.

The 4th "Go Together Home Tour"

September 30, 2006

The route runs from Songshan Tobacco Factory along Zhongxiao East Road to Huashan Creative Park. A public gay wedding was held at the end of the day, with four couples participating and receiving the blessing of all.

The number of participants exceeded 10,000 for the first time, making it the largest LGBT march in Asia.

The main demands are: "To fight for the legalization of the rights of gay and lesbian couples, such as the right to marry or cohabiting partner law, the right of gay and lesbian children to be adopted, and the care of elderly gay and lesbian people, etc. We hope that every gay and lesbian person can have the freedom to choose to form a family. !"

The fifth "Rainbow Power"

October 13, 2007

The route starts from the National Father's Memorial Hall and goes along Renai Road, Anhe Road, Dunhua South Road, Zhongxiao East Road, Yixian Road, Songgao Road, and Songzhi Road to the "Square behind the Taipei City Hall".

15,000 comrades joined together to create the largest rainbow pattern in Taiwan's history by creating a "rainbow landscape" in Section 4 of Zhongxiao East Road.

The main demands are: "1. anti-discrimination, equal rights, gay citizens can not be ignored. 2. show diversity, creativity, gay most beautiful. 3. beyond the blue and green, the key minority, the rainbow has enough power."

For the first time, "Rainbow Ambassador" A-Mei was selected to sing for all LGBT people on the stage at the end of the march.

Tour groups*

The Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Parade Alliance reinterprets the six colors of the gay rainbow symbolic meaning by referring to the internationally accepted six colors of the gay rainbow flag and incorporating the history and culture of the gay community in Taiwan.
Each group will choose a color that matches and resembles the theme they want to express when participating in the parade.

RedConductor : Oo
01.Taita Longda Society
02. Tongguang LGBT Presbyterian Church
03. NTU Gay Chat (NTU Gay Men's Research Club)
04. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology-Sexuality Research Society
05. Day Spring Association
06. Young Lohasen Alliance
07. Hong Kong Federation of Women, Hong Kong Rainbow
08. Hong Kong Sisters Queer Sisters 09. Lesbian Club
OrangeCommand : Dumpling
01. Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Advice Line Association
02. Container Parents' Association
03. Batch Kicking Industrial Place Lesbian Board
04. Central Cool Kids Culture and Women's Studies Society
05. Soochow University Gender Culture Research Society
06. Leather Cord Abuse
07. Taiwan TG Butterfly Garden
08. Dong Wu Comrade Cooperative
09. Cultural Studies Society
10. GLance Dance Company
11. Little League Softball Team
YellowConductor : Masa
01. Water Boy-
02. Jing Jing Book Library
03. Hai Bei Shi Zheng Fu (Harmony Taipei City Government) a. Ocean Cooler
b. North University North G Star
c. Shuei University Boyfriend Club
d. Mainland China Renjia
e. Auxiliary University Alumni Association
04. Gay and Lesbian Family Advocacy Association
05. Bi the way
GreenConductor : Apple Wang
01. Gender Human Rights Association
02. Taiwan Caring Home Association
03. Vegetarian Boy
04. Soochow University Thought Research Society
05. Taiwan International Labor Association/TIWA
06. Taiwan Association for the Promotion of Human Rights
07. GoGo G&B
08. Seed Club
09. Institute of Gender Studies, Shih Hsin University
10. Supplementary Good Society
11. Taiwan Green Party
12. Xie Chang-ting Headquarters Youth Department
BlueCommand : Toto
01. Central Alliance
Bravo! Taiwan Youth Gender Education Association
 Bi the way Bisexual Community
CQC Centric Cool Kids Action League
  Central concentric circles
Chusei Sexuality Culture Research Association

Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Association, Taiwan Small and Medium-sized Group
The Deed of Elijah
Shin'ai Sera Family

02. Taiwan Youth Gender Culture and Education Association (Central Brigade)
03. Love Hugs
04. Senior Team
05. Rio
06. Friends
07. SB Corporation
08. Ma Ying-jeou Support Association (led by E. H. Lin and C. S. Lin)
PurpleCommand : Vincent
01. Hello Internet Radio Network
02. Hello Naklun Rainbow
03. Chugoku High School 106
04. Shaoxi Chorus
05. Teachers Love LGBT Brigade
Youth Gender Education Association
Changshi University
National Taiwan Normal University
The Great Flower Cult
Chukyo University
Jia Da

06. Teachers Love LGBTQ Team LGBTQ Cultural Research Club of National Taiwan Normal University
07. Teachers Love LGBTQ Brigade - Institute of Gender Education, National Taiwan Normal University
08. Teachers' Alliance of the Teachers' Love LGBT Brigade
09. Teachers Love LGBT Brigade of Taiwan Gender Equality Education Association
10. Women's Bookstore
11. Women's New Knowledge Foundation
12. Taiwan Lesbian and Gay Lesbian Association
13. Department of Gender Space Research, Institute of Urban and Rural Studies, NTU
PurpleCommand : Lucien
01. GayHouse electro-acoustic community
E-Genie Electrospermia
Glow01 Laser Zero One
Cube / SummerAquarian
Rave Party Contact Book
RayChan Neutral Bag
Club JumP

02. GLCA Gay Companion

Donation & Sponsorship*

Donation Request Form:

Chen Yen-Teng50,000
Kaohsiung Ah Ming30,000
Kaohsiung A Kai30,000
Hansi three warm10,000
CLUB 1069 TopFun.com10,000
HK Eddie10,000
Kunjin Multimedia10,000
Tam Bik Tok10,000
Huang Bo Ren5,000
Chuang Tzu5,000
Liu Xingmin5,000
Ms. Li-Zhu Xie of Success High School and others3,400
Ms. Mei-Yu Chen of Success High School and others2,200
Unnamed Contributions12,500

Sponsorship Request Form:

Funky Club25,000 (vehicle sponsorship)
Chen Kehua15,000 RMB (Sponsored by Rainbow Landscapes DM)
Women's Country Party15,000 RMB (Sponsored by Rainbow Landscapes DM)
Jomei Clinic15,000 RMB (Sponsored by Rainbow Landscapes DM)
Fridae Hui LeNT$30,000 (partial sponsorship)
Club JumPNT$30,000 (surplus from sponsorship ticket sales)
Follow MeNT$15,000 (surplus from sponsorship ticket sales)

Sixth "Run the Rainbow Way" with pride

September 27, 2008

The route starts from Taipei City Hall Renai Road Plaza, follows Renai Road, Anhe Road, Dunhua South Road, Zhongxiao East Road, Yixian Road and then returns to Taipei City Hall Plaza.

More than 18,000 people participated in the event and completed a record-breaking rainbow in Asia with the "Flying Rainbow Avenue" on Zhongxiao East Road, the most popular road in Taipei.

With the motto "Show Your Diversity, Be Proud" and "Eliminate Discrimination, Walk Boldly", we call on the LGBT community to take to the streets.

This year's parade was a special one, with a team of "disabled children" in electric wheelchairs, formed by disabled friends who support gay people.

The 7th "Gay Love Out Loud! Love Out Loud"

October 31, 2009

For the first time, a rally was held in front of the presidential palace, and a parade was held around the crowded traffic routes - Park Road, Chungching South Road, Hankow Street, Zhongxiao West Road, and Changde Street.

The train station, which is the most important transportation hub of Taipei City and has gathered a large number of immigrants, is also a place to return to historical landmarks filled with memories of comrades such as the February 28 Memorial Park, Changde Street, Zhong Hua Road, and Ximending Red Building.

The main demand is: "To eliminate discrimination with love, to show the power of love, to show the love and contribution of the gay community to the society and the people for a long time".

It was also the first time that sign language service was provided at the terminal stage. I hope that the hearing-impaired friends who participated in the LGBT parade could also feel the atmosphere.

The number of participants exceeded 25,000; this year's "Rainbow Ambassador" singer - Angela Leung.

Eighth "Vote Out & Vote" on LGBT policy

October 30, 2010

The route starts from Kaidao and runs along Park Road, Chongqing South Road, Hengyang Road, Chengdu Road, Kunming Street, Hankou Street and Zhongxiao West Road.

For the first time, they entered the crowded district of Ximending, so that more people could see the march and their demands.

We also launched a special project: "The Voice of the Double Disadvantaged" and "LGBT Issues Talk", which were presented and discussed in different aspects on the eve of the rally.

The main demand is: "Comrades stand up and show their political power! Expand the definition of consort relationship to substantively protect the rights of pluralistic families!

This year, Amiad, who resisted the expectations of mainstream society and insisted on being her own brave self and letting her aboriginal name come out, stood side by side with the 30,000 people in the audience, using her voice and music to convey her stance in support of the LGBT community in Taiwan.

On October 27, 2010, the Central News Agency (CNA) released a report titled "Support Comrades, Su Chen-Chang Attends Rally on 30th", which sparked a controversy.

On October 28, the Taiwan LGBT Parade Coalition issued a statement, "Please respect the main body of the parade and do not welcome candidates who do not have a gay policy. After the rally, on November 7, the Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Alliance released another statement, "The Gay and Lesbian Alliance responded to Dezai's open letter", explaining the whole story.

2010 pre-tour events "LGBTQ Issues" and "Double Disadvantaged Voices"

Comrade Issues

"Who forbids teenagers to be gay?" -An attempt to point out the crux of Taiwan society's disregard for teenage sensuality and isolation of gay youth

"Do you want the 'right to marry' or 'the right to live together as a couple'? -We also discuss the "Marriage vs. Cohabiting Partner Act" which has been the subject of many heated discussions within and outside the community.

"Gay and Lesbian Older Adults" - an issue of relevance to you and me, the law and social welfare

Double Weakness Present Sound

The interviews are presented in original voices, and from the heartfelt stories of the interviewees, the audience can directly hear the real voices of the multiple "disadvantaged" people, or experience their unending energy and enthusiasm, and find out that "LGBT people are so diverse and colorful!

"Physically Disabled Gay: Shinnosuke", "Infected Gay: Ho Ho", "Hearing Impaired Gay: Parrot", "Transgender Gay: Zoe"

(Quoted from the website of Taiwan Gay and Lesbian Alliance)