Open Letter to Anti-Gay Catholic Bishop & My Neighbor Robert Groth

A Letter to Politicians and Community Leaders: a Call for Dialogue, Respect and Love

Letters are no longer the main form of communication in today's society, but sometimes a well-written letter can still touch people's hearts, especially when it deals with deep social issues. Recently, a blogger named James Finn launched a unique challenge that encouraged people to write some very strange letters to politicians and community leaders. The challenge was inspired by the Prism & Pen writing prompt, which aims to promote understanding and acceptance of the queer community.

James Finn wrote his letter directly to Robert, a man he had never met but thought might resonate. He begins his letter in an intimate and direct way, hoping to break down barriers and communicate with equality and kindness. In his letter, James shares his experiences as a gay man, including the challenges and pain he has faced in the Catholic community.

He mentioned a specific incident where a gay author named Dominic Slasher was invited to a school to read his children's book. The book is full of kindness and care for family, friends and strangers alike, but because of Dom's sexuality, the reading caused controversy, resulting in a local priest having to apologize to the community. James was deeply saddened by this and felt that such behavior was not only an injustice to Dom, but also a stigmatization of all homosexuals.

In his letter, James further shares his own story, including his experience caring for a friend in the midst of an AIDS crisis, and the story of how he and his partner raised an adopted son. He emphasized that despite the difficulties he has faced, he has always maintained his values of love and kindness. James hopes that by sharing his story, he can motivate Robert and others to reconsider their attitudes towards homosexuals and begin a dialogue to combat homophobic feelings and behaviors.

This is a letter not only to Robert, but to all readers, calling on people to reflect on their prejudices and take action to promote a more inclusive and understanding society. James Finn's courage and candor, as well as his insistence on love and kindness, provide valuable inspiration for all of us.


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