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By Vincent, 27 October 2012


In this article, we interviewed Vincent, a gay athlete with disabilities, who can be seen on many occasions, whether in a wheelchair or with a cane. Because he firmly believes in the necessity of "existence", he believes that he must stand out to let everyone see the existence of gay people with disabilities, so since 2008 Vincent has been calling for gay people with disabilities to march on the streets under the name of "Disability", and his personal experience of marching can even be traced back to the first march. His personal participation in the march can be traced back to the first march! In recent years, Vincent has also become the chief organizer of the Disability March, hoping that the energy he has gained from the same movement will enable him to help more people to be seen!

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It was not until I was 29 that I finally recognized my gay identity. Before that, I was stuck in the disability part of my life for a large part of my life. I couldn't even get past my disability, and I didn't have the heart to think about the other parts of my gender because I had problems with my life, and it was very hard to go to school, and there wasn't an accessible environment at all at that time. It wasn't until I was 29 that I really accepted my disability and put my disability and low self-esteem to the side, and I was able to live with it!

Coincidentally, I also fell in love with my male coworker, a very good friend, that year. When I finally identified myself as gay, I was actually very happy that I finally knew who I was. I didn't go through the part where I was afraid of being gay, because it was nothing compared to my disability, because the disability part was something that I would never be able to deal with in my life, and no matter how optimistic I was, I couldn't get over the physical inconvenience, and I knew that I would have to lay down in the ground and be buried in the dirt before I could say goodbye to my disability.

When I first started out, I didn't know much about gay terminology, such as #1 and #0. In 1984 or 1985, I started to do a gay unit on the radio, and I even went to the newly opened Eslite to look up gender books! But I also got into the gay movement because of broadcasting, and I started walking in the first march in 2003. At that time, I was just doing a program and following the march to do interviews, but from the next year onwards, I participated in the preparations for the march a few times, and almost every year I participated in the march. The route of the first march was short, but it left a deep impression on me. It was the first time I saw so many gay people, some of them in costume, but I felt like I was going home, and the sky at home was so big, it was a very comfortable feeling.

When I started to form a team for the "Real Cool Kids" radio program, I would ask my friends who are not in the closet to join me, which is a great sense of achievement, because next year, they will run faster than anyone else without me having to say anything! Regardless of whether people in the circle regard the march as a movement or a carnival, it is ok to me. Movement is necessary, it is related to the rights and interests, and we have to fight for it through legislation, but we need to have a strong enough force in order to bring about a change; whereas carnival is actually a protective color, for many people who have not come out of the closet, to participate in the march to make them happy, and the benefits can be fermented to a great extent and change a lot of people! Calling out slogans for one day may not change anything, but it will bring great benefits to the ethnic groups, because even if they have been to the parade once, they will still want to come back, and the parade will make them feel comfortable, even if it is only for one day a year, they will feel that, after a long time, why can I be at ease for one day a year, but not for one month? Then the benefits will appear! Over the past ten years, the benefits of the march have been subtle, when you listen and watch for a long time, you will think that I can also try to take that step, as long as someone takes him once, he will definitely be addicted, I have never met anyone who refuses to march again. (Laughs)

Some people think the march is good for sports and expect it to be like a carnival. I think we should form a team to participate in it! Those who want to participate in a carnival should also come out. I have always emphasized the importance of "presence", if you feel that what others are doing does not represent you, you should come out and represent yourself, and those who share the same concept with you will gather, and there will be many people who want to participate in a carnival, and then it will be changed. I can bet that in ten years' time, rallies will definitely become carnivals, no matter it is my own imagination or based on overseas experience, but I think that there should be two routes for the same movement, one for life and one for sports, and I don't want it to be either a carnival or a sports event. Carnivals are more likely to bring out people who do not identify with LGBT people, and they can infect the society. Therefore, I have never denied the existence of carnivals, but it is still necessary to have a movement because after all, we have to go back to the political level to fight for our rights. I look forward to

In addition to carnivals, the spirit of sports should be preserved. However, carnivals are inevitable, and funding is a realistic consideration, as there must be funding to support the maintenance of sports, and this is the reality, and I believe we can surely come up with a way to take care of both.

The theme of the past rallies is "Rainbow has enough power", every time I wear that dress, I feel that my whole body has power! In fact, when we reach a certain stage, our energy will become less and less. Unless I have something to do, I will go to the Hotline Club and the Gay Pride Rally. I go to absorb the energy, and the atmosphere is great, and every year, I use this time to refuel and replenish my energy to move forward. Especially if you are a fellow athlete, the older you get, the more important it is to participate! Because the energy will always be depleted, like the hotline has been in the pay will be very tired, if there is no some feeling for a long time will be tired, like I know a lot of people who used to participate in sports, a long time will not continue, fatigue and take a break to go down, some people do not touch it at all, I've been thinking about why? I've been wondering why. Is it because I can't absorb the energy to move forward?

When I was involved in some sports in the gay community, I thought I should go back and look for my disabled partners, but I didn't think that I would be able to make the Parade for the Disabled happen, the first one in 2010 and the second one last year, which was an unexpected effect; and the other one was the establishment of the Disabled Children's Organization, which was a group of disabled children. I've been trying to use the term "cripples" since 2008 in the hope of showing others that there are water boys in the gay community, as well as cripples who are very cruel. I have always believed in the concept of "existence". When you don't dare to come out, you will definitely be ignored or neglected in the group. Some people may or may not have the intention to do so, and when they don't see you, how can you ask other people to recognize you or help you? How can you ask others to recognize you or help you when they don't see you? Because you yourself are not willing to come out.

That's why I want to set up a society for disabled children, which is a combination of a lot of things about my disability and my gay identity. If I don't do the disability movement, the society may think that the government has already given a lot to the disabled, but in fact it's not true, a lot of things are totally inappropriate and unavailable, and some of the welfare subsidies are all the same, and some of the people around me are even physically incapable of going to school since they were small. This is the disability part. Back to the comrades, if the disabled children do not appear in the gay community, people will think that there are no disabled comrades, the problem is that there are absolutely, at least I am here, I should stand out, should not be absent, to stand out to be seen, stand out of the feeling is not good, I also envy the body of the water boy, I know I can not achieve, but I also know that I can not back down.

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