As a bisexual columnist, I share what I've learned from marriage to straight privilege.


As a blogger, I've had the privilege of delving into and sharing about a variety of topics, but today I'd like to talk about one in particular - bisexual identity and challenges. This topic is inspired by the experiences of Lewis Oakley, a columnist who advises the bisexual community and is about to publish a book called Bisexuality: The Basics.




Coming out is a huge challenge for many bisexual people. Statistics show that bisexuals are the least likely of the LGBTQ+ community to come out. Many longtime bisexual men who shared their stories with Lewis expressed a desire to be open about their bisexuality with their wives, but they did not want to open up their relationships or leave their partners. These stories highlight the complexities and challenges of coming out.

Another problem is the lack of bisexual friends. Many bisexuals feel isolated because they do not have bisexual friends with whom they can share experiences and seek advice. This sense of isolation makes them rely on homosexual or heterosexual advice rather than support from people who share their experiences when they face problems specific to bisexuality.

Finally, many bisexuals feel that they are not bisexual enough. This feeling can be due to the fact that their romantic experiences do not fit the stereotypes of bisexuality, or because they are in a heterosexual relationship and feel that they are not able to make their voice heard in the LGBTQ+ community.

Lewis's experiences and the forthcoming book, Bisexuality: The Basics, remind us of the diversity of challenges and needs faced by the bisexual community. By sharing these stories and offering specialized advice, we can help bisexuals find a sense of identity and build a more supportive and inclusive community for them.


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