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Livia Tresch:從黑暗童年到蘇黎世同性戀圈的見證者

In the 1960s and 1970s, Livia Tresch found herself in the homosexual scene in Zurich, Switzerland. As an illegitimate child, a foster child and a lesbian, her childhood was filled with darkness. However, it was in this community, which was seen as a parallel world, that she found a place for herself and became a witness to the community of her time.

![攝影師 Livia Tresch](—klaus-petrus-4866-data.jpg) *莉維亞在她蘇黎世的家中。攝影:克勞斯彼得*



! [Barfüsser Carnival, Zurich]( tresch_insert-data.jpg) * Loud atmosphere, fancy dress, cigarettes and alcohol: Barfüsser, Zurich, 1963. Photographs by Liva Tresch/*

Livia's story is not only about the life of the gay community, but also about an individual's journey to find self-identity. Her experiences reflect the prejudice and discrimination against sexual minorities at the time, and how these groups found strength and solidarity in the midst of oppression. Through her photography, Livia has documented the life of this community, and her work has become a precious historical archive, providing a window into the past for future generations.

Livia's story shows us that light and hope can be found even in the darkest of moments. Her life is a testament to the importance of accepting yourself, loving yourself, and having the courage to find and create your own space in the midst of difficulties. Livia Tresch's story is a tale of survival, love and acceptance that is an inspiration and a revelation to all people, especially members of sexual minorities.


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