Dragon's Dogma 2 Reviews Divided: Why Some Gamers Love It and Others Don't

Exploring Character Preference and Social Reflection in Dragon's Dogma 2

In the past, society's attitude towards sexual orientation was far less open and accepting than it is today. There was a time when the term "homosexual" was abused as an insult to refer to people who did not conform to what was considered "normal" behavior or interests by mainstream society at the time. Whether it was your academic performance, your taste in music, or even your preferred brand of beverage, it could be used by others to label you as "gay". Fortunately, over time, this narrow-mindedness is being replaced by a more open and inclusive attitude.

In today's society, homosexuality is no longer a term used to shame or demean others. Instead, the rights and existence of the LGBTQ+ community are increasingly recognized and respected. This shift is evident in many areas, including pop culture, politics, and everyday life. However, this progress didn't happen overnight; it took the efforts and struggles of countless people to achieve it.

Against this backdrop, Capcom's Dragon's Dogma 2 stands out. The game is not only beloved by players for its deep character customization and compelling story, but it is also praised for the open-mindedness with which it handles the issues of inter-character relationships and sexual orientation. In the game, players are free to choose and build characters according to their preferences, with no fixed framework limiting them in terms of gender, appearance or sexual orientation.

This design not only personalizes and enriches the gaming experience, but also reflects society's acceptance of and respect for diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity. When players create all-female or all-male teams in the game, the interactions and dialogues between the game characters will naturally reflect this choice, but never in a demeaning or discriminatory way. This subtle approach makes the game not only a fun adventure, but also an exploration and celebration of gender and sexual diversity.

The design concept of Dragon's Dogma 2 is undoubtedly a powerful blow to the narrow-mindedness of the past. It not only demonstrates the game developer's progressive concepts, but also provides a platform for players to explore and express themselves freely. In this game world, everyone can create their own character and enjoy the adventure without having to worry about being labeled.

As society continues to progress, we have every reason to believe that there will be more works like Dragon's Dogma 2 in the future, which not only provide quality entertainment experiences, but also promote understanding and respect for diversity and inclusiveness in society. Each step along the way, though small, is significant.


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