'Hades 2' to mark big day for bisexuals

《哈迪斯 2》是每個雙性戀者的夢想

Everyone's agonizing over Hades 2. This sequel always triggers a hunger for more, and the original introduced us to a Greek pantheon of lovely, fascinating deities that we couldn't help but swoon over.

但《哈迪斯 2》更進一步,這要歸功於更多的體型類型以及對「性感」一詞的靈活理解。有些女孩和男孩健壯、苗條、肥胖、殘疾,但他們的吸引力很容易讓人欽佩。身為一個無恥的雙性戀女孩,老實說,我不知道在這樣的遊戲中該往哪裡看。

### 《哈迪斯 2》是每個雙性戀者的夢想

One of the things I've always loved about the Hades fanbase is how shameless we are about our attraction to these characters, but it never takes away from how deep, interesting and developed they are as individuals. If anything, it only makes us more interested.

Because their appearance is our first impression, as we get to know them, we only become more enamored with characters like Zagreus, Thanatos, and Murgala. I love toned abs and boobs as much as the next guy, but emotional appeal is often more important than sheer looks. Hades is both, which is why it hits so hard.

So, in honor of the Hades 2 tech test and sneak peek coming soon, let's take a look at some of the new character designs and what makes them so great.

### Hades 2 Characters - Princess of the Underworld Melinoe

Sagres sets the bar high, so any protagonist who follows in his footsteps needs to be killed. Our girl Melinoe does this in all sorts of marvelous ways. I mean, just look at her. Got it, girl.

The orange jumpsuit cut above the thighs with ornate armor and jewelry not only complements her costume, but makes her agile and discreet in battle. I particularly like her glowing green arms, which look like bones from the outside, as if a spirit is working inside to keep the limbs moving.

As a sibling of Zagreus, there are countless references to her family in her designs. You have a folding crown, two different eye colors, and a hairstyle that likes to flick after doing something cool.

### Hades 2 Role - Hecate, Witch of the Crossroads

abs ...... When I look at Hecate, that's all I can think about. Those chiseled features mesmerize me, and I'm overjoyed. As Melino's mentor and temporary guardian, Hecate seems to come equipped with many features that help emphasize her experiences as a warrior and caregiver.

Like Nyx in the previous movie, Hecate has a maternal vibe that you can't help but feel. I also love her exaggerated witch's hat and cool, flowing cloak.

### Hades 2 Character - Odysseus, Senior Tactician

This charming fellow is one of the many new faces found in the center world of Hades 2, this time dubbed "The Crossroads," which will undoubtedly change as you progress.

Odysseus will treat me well, and judging by all the scrolls in his pouch, he'll be planning one hell of a dinner date, complete with an outfit that will blow my mind. Among other things...

### Hades 2 Characters - Goddess of Vengeance, Retribution Incarnate

Melinoe and Nemesis obviously have some history. Every time I run into her, she uses it as an opportunity to mock my skills or let me know that I can't possibly accomplish every task I set out to do.

But there was also a warmth in her words, as if she wanted to help but knew it would erase her tough exterior. And it would be nice if that tall, dark-skinned lady could crush me.

### Hades 2 Roles - Aphrodite, God of Love

Aphrodite once again plays a big flirtatious role in Hades 2. Shield.

Like Sagres, Melinoe was flustered by her appearance, and she talks about the first time she felt love at the end of her conversation with Aphrodite. Her design hasn't changed much, and I still admire Aphrodite's sensuality, strength and undeniable power. I also envy her hair. I wish mine was curled in a heart shape.

### Hades 2 Characters - Hephaestus, God of the Forge

Hades 2 takes a quantum leap forward in terms of body diversity. Hephaestus clearly demonstrates this, and hopes to foreshadow what's to come in the game's sneak preview. While my colleague Ben Sledge went into more detail about the legendary significance of his design, I'll just briefly introduce Hephaestus.

My favorite thing about him is his long, sweet beard, furry belly, unique body type, and design that isn't afraid to accept his disability. His role in the game is to look cute and upgrade the weapons you use while running. It's a winning combination if I do say so myself.

### Hades 2 Characters - Spider, Silk Weaver

I've only known Arachne for a few days, but if anything happens to her, I will kill everyone in this room and myself. For the record, I **am not** a big fan of spiders. I hate them, but when a talking person who likes to make me new clothes out of her silk shows up and wants to chat, I fall in love.

While you're running in a relatively safe room, Arachne sometimes pops up and you're free to say hello, give nectar, or ask her to make you a new outfit with unique skills and abilities. They also have a unique look, but will break after a certain amount of damage. I don't know if Dusha will return in Hades 2, but if she doesn't, I'd pick Arachne as a worthy replacement.

### Hades 2 Characters - Sleep Incarnate Hypnos

Look at that sleepy boy.

We must protect him.

No matter what the cost.

Hades 2 is the sequel to Supergiant Games' popular Roguelike dungeon exploration game. This time you'll play as Melinoe, the Princess of the Underworld and sister of Sagrass, and fight against the forces of the Time Titans.


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